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Font based on Commodore 64 system fonts covering broad range of Latin glyphs. Some glyphs are improved.
Info: Created on 19th April 2008 . Last edited on 16th June 2009.
License Creative Commons
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I love this font :)
Comment by leilei 10th May 2008
You should have shown with the "Ā" had a pixel. It's still a composite glyph in non-pixel fonts. Just select a composite glyph and edit the composite.
Comment by gmailseotae 15th April 2009
Characters ď ť has glitches. It doesn't have the "Ŋ", IJ ligature, ſ, etc. You're here at in April 4, but when you extract the font, the font also has no redundant points. When opening the font with Font Creator, it has no redundant points. It's because the font is too slow just to load. Glyphs "Ěě", which were useful for Czech, have "Ĕĕ". You tried the Insert Characters feature with the font set to Everson Mono, but the font is loading so slow!!! For the font Everson Mono has a double-bowl g where Courier New has a single-bowl g, that you did by creating Ĉĉ Ĝĝ by adapting copies of Čč Ğğ. You'll be creating Ŝŝ Ŭŭ by adapting a copy of Šš Ūū. Flip the haček accent but remove the macron accent and copy the caron. You did noticed the letter "ã" doesn't have a tilde. You created a Ĵĵ by adapting a copy of Jj.
Comment by gmailseotae 15th April 2009
gmailseotae: Thanks for you comments, I updated the font.

Amacron, atilde - corrected

Ebreve × Ecaron - I decided the caron will have the same shape as breve in my font, I am a designer of the font and I can design any shapes I like.

There is no standard for glyph set for a font today. If you don't like the set I provided, please clone my font and add the glyphs you like. I decided not to support esperanto. My font also doesn't include obsolet longs or IJ ligature. There is no sense to add IJ ligature unless you have special design of the ligature.

I am happy with Czech characters ď, ť and Slovak ľ, Ľ and I don't plan to change them.

If you are not happy with the points in a font, please contact FontStruct support or read FAQ.
Comment by Filip Blažek (kukurin) 15th April 2009

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