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A font i have been working on for a while, but with some characters removed, because it seemed like it was not going to be finished in a while. I just wanted to publish this first


Comment by Echo Heo (bluemon) 22nd july 2021

So clean font in Fontstruct - it's looks like magic. But. З and Э with bottom serif at first seems strange, but quickly get used to. I'm not sure about the length of д щ ц descenders - usually they are shorter than ф р have, but in the code maybe these will be more visible. Still, I tried to make д more symmetrical, so it is not pressed to the right edge. The rest it is a fantastic font that I applaud.

Comment by Dmitriy Sychiov (Sychoff) 22nd july 2021

Nice monospaced, very well crafted. I'm with D. Sychiov about these cyrillic glyphs, IMHO.

Comment by elmoyenique 22nd july 2021
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Anonoma Mono Less Characters” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 22nd july 2021

Congrats on the TP!

Comment by elmoyenique 22nd july 2021

oh my god this is great! fontstruct fonts have gotten so much better in the 5 years since i last fontstructed seriously

Comment by opipik 23rd july 2021

thai too??? thats so cool!!!

Comment by JingYo 23rd july 2021

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Comment by VTOTFS2021 23rd july 2021

Very cool monospace indeed. And big amount of letters. I really like this one

Comment by mgUdit 24th july 2021

This is ridiculously good. I do have minor concerns as to how hinting is going to look like with typical OS (ClearType) rendering, but overall I'm going to give it a shot and put it in my Sublime configs in place of JetBrains Mono and my own as of yet unreleased monospaced monstrosity. Besides, not trying to be too nitpicky, but if it wasn't a coding-optimized typeface, such inconsistency between terminals (slanted, unslanted... slab?) would garner some criticism... and I'm only saying that because this font is really punching above its weight, it definitely isn't amateurish at all. Shame that 1.1 grid scaling is never going to get you truly organic curvature, and that font files generated by FS don't have particularly well optimized contours. Yeah, I'm complaining, because I love it so much to the point of actually wanting to use it. 

Comment by Neoqueto 26th july 2021


Comment by Houlaiziaa 27th july 2021

4x4 filters?

Comment by Hensley Dodson (Hensilly) 27th july 2021

2:2 and nudging. Great work.

Comment by elmoyenique 28th july 2021

Well done!

Comment by kassymkulov 28th july 2021

Excellent, very good attention to details, highly readable, superb execution. I love everything about it!

Comment by laynecom 17th november 2021


Comment by frongile 3rd march 2022

You can add characters after your font has been published...

Comment by AFontAbove 29th march 2022


Comment by AFontAbove 29th march 2022

Looks like you removed the entirety of the basic Greek alphabet and ə, according to my test text.

Comment by AFontAbove 25th april 2022

Here is the list of removed characters.

Comment by AFontAbove 29th may 2022

How I got this list?

Well, if a glyph is ever defined in a FontStruction, said glyph will be in the font.

However, if a glyph is deleted from a FontStruction, the glyph will appear empty in the font data.

I use Windows 10, so I looked at this fonnt in Character Map, and searched out empty glyphs, and copied them into Notepad.

Comment by AFontAbove 29th may 2022

@AFobtAbove A command was introduced into the FontStructor: Remove empty glyphs.

This is useful for if you had built in a codepoint you didn't intend to, then save by accident. It removes all codepoints with empty data from the font.

It can be found under Advanced > Commands.

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) 30th may 2022

Ah ;)

Comment by AFontAbove 19th june 2022

But still-- why were some glyphs removed?

Comment by AFontAbove 19th june 2022

P.S. My point: I am finding the glyphs that were removed, not that there are empty glyphs...

Comment by AFontAbove 19th june 2022


Comment by luke.type 26th october 2022

Update Anonoma Mono Characters:


Comment by Uilhbsg 26th september 2023

I love it!!!

Comment by FontLeaf35 Sat, 11th may

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