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This is a work in progress font. Tell me what characters I should add next in the comments!


This is the BEST FONT I HAVE EVER SEEN ON FONTSTRUCT! 10/10. I suggest you add Cyrillic glyphs please :D

Comment by fontcreator2020 15th july 2021

Okay fontcreator! Thanks for the compliment.

Comment by DarkGuy572 15th july 2021

i'm also rating this a 10/10!

Comment by erikkoev 15th july 2021

but you need to work a bit on the lowercase K, lowercase X, number 4, and all the glyphs that have broken-looking diagonals.

Comment by erikkoev 15th july 2021

I fixed it.

Comment by DarkGuy572 15th july 2021

How about 4 of them?

©️ ™️  Pilcrow Sign and Capital T with stroke.

Comment by VTOTFS2021 16th july 2021

Rough in some parts but otherwise smooth and legible. 8/10. Also, many Latin Ext-1 vcharacters are missing diacritics.

Comment by erictom333 16th july 2021

Okay @VTOTFS2021. And also, yes @erictom333 I will add the diacritics. By the way, how is my font rough?

Comment by DarkGuy572 16th july 2021

Right @erictom333 I have added the diacritics and @VTOTVS2021, I have added the four symbols you asked for.

Comment by DarkGuy572 17th july 2021

New profile pic.

Comment by DarkGuy572 19th july 2021

What so close!

Comment by VTOTFS2021 22nd july 2021

I want to add a tilde. How should I build it?

Comment by DarkGuy572 24th july 2021

Basic Latin just at the right end.

Comment by elmoyenique 24th july 2021

If you want the tilde to be added to other letters, you must build it together with them on the same FS glyph, like Å.

Comment by elmoyenique 24th july 2021
Comment by elmoyenique 24th july 2021

That's a good tilde to add! But I will probably make a different one

Comment by DarkGuy572 25th july 2021

Come on guys, I need more character suggestions!

Comment by DarkGuy572 29th july 2021

Letter suggestions

Lowercase accented Cyrillic, since the capitals are done, plus the Ghe with upturn (UC + LC) for the Ukraine language

The middot and bullet could be a bit larger so the middot looks like the period, but placed in the center

The tildes on the Ññ + the inverted (upside-down) ! and ?

The ring on the capital Ů

A dotless lowercase i

The umlat on Þ should not be there

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) 29th july 2021

It's called Ukrainian. Okay.

Comment by DarkGuy572 29th july 2021

I've done your requests yesterday BWM.

Comment by DarkGuy572 30th july 2021

I see that, but I wonder where љ-џ (U+0459-045F), and Ґ-ґ (U+0490-0491) are?

I forgotten to mention that the capital Eth (Ð) needed a stroke through the left side of it in the request…

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) 31st july 2021

I added eth's stroke.

Comment by DarkGuy572 31st july 2021

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