FS Collaboration 1

by collab

Download disabled

The designer of this FontStruction has chosen not to make it available for download from this website by choosing an “All Rights Reserved" license.

Please respect their decision and desist from requesting license changes in the comments.

If you would like to use the FontStruction for a specific project, you may be able to contact the designer directly about obtaining a license.

This is the community font currently being worked on by some of the FontStructors :)

funk_king - F I K L U c f k p u
djnippa - a e g D N z i M
kix - R S d t H
Axel Leyer - G n h
thalamic - A T m X Y &
aphoria - O J q
geneus1 - B C E Z s
afrojet - Q W
magic_sam - P o v y
JoeAllison - b
jhejka - V w 2 +
saberrider - j l x
frodo7 - 3 5 6
p2pnut - 0 4 7 8 9
CaptianOlimar - 1

Please add your details once completed.


Who's next?

- djnippa
Comment by collab 16th june 2009
question for the team - do you want to keep the license open so others can clone? i know some of you don't for your own fonts and you may have similar concerns with this one. unless anyone says otherwise, it will stay the same. if anyone wants to restrict, let's change it. - fk
Comment by collab 16th june 2009
also, we can probably condense the credits list above. can we just keep adding additional letters to the first occurrence of each designer's name? i think it will be less confusing :)
Comment by funk_king 16th june 2009
Sorry I restricted it.
I'd prefer it restricted at the moment. But I think we should all vote on it. Majority wins.
I Vote restrict it. No Cloning.
Comment by djnippa 16th june 2009
Funk King, if it's cool with you can you possibly completely delete the 24 hour fs community font with the two glyphs you designed on it. It will only serve to confuse the final font, and it won't appear to be a joint effort otherwise.
Comment by collab 16th june 2009
hey dj - original deleted as requested. i didn't even notice you had restricted. no problem :)
Comment by funk_king 16th june 2009
Normally I would want it restricted, but since this is a collaborative effort, in the spirit of the community, I vote for full unrestriction (!).

PS: I am digging Funki's choice of letters. French Connection, UK would be so proud.

PPS: I hate my own letters. They are bringing the coolness of the font down. All your work is so awesome. Nice pixelization on the N, DJSupreme; Cool wood, mesquite s, Genie-in-the-FontStruct; Disco U, starburst c, SuperFunk; Can't-help-but-retrace-it-with-my-eye W, JohnJet-and-the-Gold-Heart; Welcome-to-the-Twilight-Zone O, aphoria-of-Shangrila. Can I delete my A?

PPPS: Cloning the font after each addition is losing the comment stream, which is kinda sucky.
Comment by thalamic 16th june 2009
also thought i'd mention - the name can be changed also. fs community font was just a starter name, but if someone wants to suggest another, better, more descriptive, evocative, or catchy name; please so do :)
Comment by funk_king 16th june 2009
@ thal - don't hate :) this is fun as usual and your contribution is greatly appreciated. continue to experiment with your stuff. i know i am. i think one of the greatest challenges for me has been to get that sense of style or theme - that anchor that sets the tone for the font. since everyone is doing their own thing, it's been, uh...different.

@ all - i think we have quite an interesting mix so far. with many glyphs still missing it's hard to tell how they work with each other. but i think we're in that part of the process where we can see how some of the letters do work together. maybe some adjustments can be made towards some type of cohesiveness - out of the disparity - so that somehow they jibe :) when working alone, we're usually our own worst and best critics. now, i think we have to use that same aesthetic that we apply to our own work - and perhaps be even more critical of how we can make our stuff work together without compromising artistic integrity. each of us brings that combination of designer/critic that should be applied here. - fk
Comment by collab 16th june 2009
I'm for having access restricted to those contributing. I also think we should stick with working on the same fontstruction and renaming it instead of cloning a new one so that the message thread is retained. Nice work everyone - that includes your "A" too, thalamic!
Comment by geneus1 16th june 2009
I normally open all of mine for cloning, but in this case I could probably be convinced to keep it closed.

I've often wondered about this, so I'll take this opportunity to ask what all of you think are the pros and cons of opening your fonts for cloning. I know some of you don't do it which makes me question whether I should be doing it or not.

If you want to keep a history of this work, maybe we can work on the master version and make periodic clones for versioning?
Plus, we wouldn't lose the comment stream.

Oh, thalamic, just stop it. I can easily beat you in a contest of whose stuff is crappier. :)

Comment by aphoria 16th june 2009
Maybe call it Collaboration.

It seems to me, that with every new clone made public, it sparks off interest within the group, otherwise you have to trawl through all the "obvious student" fontstructs to see if anyone's done some work. It's a catch 22. I prefer to put up a new font once new glyphs have been added.

The comments we've made prior to this, are all good, but essentially not that important.
However the comments and sample jpegs added when the font is completed should be preserved. Otherwise they'd be about 60 comments made.

The font to me seems to have the cohesion of variety. A bit like a poison pen letter. The uppercase is very ornate and detailed, where as the lower case is simpler.

@Fk - ha ha, you've changed that K at least 5 times, no wonder you're so prolific, you're constantly changing the angle of approach.

@ Aphoria -
I restrict my fonts, for the following reasons:-
1. If I think it is complete, and cannot be improved.
2. It has the full Euro set.
3. It has an element of extreme difficult, and time consuming advance processes.
4. The font is to be sold to a Font House.
5. Also when you create what you think is a masterpiece, then I wouldn't want anyone tweaking it, unless it's one of the what I consider to be the Top Ten fontstructors.
6. Why should someone else take credit and praise for what is essentially my Original idea.

I allow Cloning if:
1. It's an educational font designed to be studied.
2. It's a very basic font, that is not that difficult to reproduce.
3. It's someone else's font, that I've cloned, and they let me clone their work.

Each font is different, but I'd say 80% of my Public fonts are restricted, 20% are cloneable.
Comment by djnippa 16th june 2009
For the sake of simplicity, I vote that we all keep editing this same Fonstruction. I like the idea that this Fontstruction may never be completed. It's more of a living Fontstruction, that changes and morphs a little everyday. Don't like you'r 'A' Thalamic? Just change it. Change it everyday!
Comment by afrojet 16th june 2009
Up T'd; re-A'd. :)
Comment by thalamic 16th june 2009
i agree with dj - it nice to see the font bounce to the top and not stay buried with no one ever seeing it again, except us :(

@ afro - i don't know if i agree that i like the idea that this font will never be finished. i accept it as a possibility, but i remain optimistic that uc, lc and . , ? ! will be done. we shall see :)

regarding the message thread - it's nice, but i agree with dj. once the font is "done" no more clones. for now i think the message thread provides a journal about the creation of this font. once it's done, i think comments will be different in nature and should then be maintained.

regarding restricting font - interesting take on it dj. maybe that's why i'm enjoying this - the ability to view some "master secrets" that i otherwise couldn't...he, he, he :) i often wonder if any of my stuff is not already being exploited by someone - paranoid, realistic, unavoidable? perhaps. i googled a font type over the weekend and low and behold discovered some of my stuff was listed on a font webpage - with links back to fs. a little thrilling/chilling, but i chose not to get worked up over it - at least not right now and just bookmarked the page. i think regardless of whether we restrict our work or not, someone who wants to steal and knows what they're doing could possibly do it, but might get caught - i believe our user id or name is embedded in the font file and can't be changed - whether restricted or not. perhaps it will help to deter thieves. i prefer to hope that if someone does steal something of mine and it's used commercially - that i find it and maybe $$$ or maybe not :(

but i will say it is so cool to be able to look at how others work with these dang bricks - you guys have some skills :) i think we're like other artists. you can have great technique, but that doesn't make art - it's the x factor, but it's still so cool to see how each of you does your thing :)
Comment by funk_king 16th june 2009
Not keen on the new A Thal, it's clever but it's way too wide for the rest of the font. It looks like you've gone big, just for the hell of it. I know it's all about freedom of expression, but we have to have parameters somewhere. I think it would look better if it was reduced somehow.
Comment by collab 16th june 2009
I agree.
Comment by thalamic 16th june 2009
I mean, I agree with the A being too wide thing.
Comment by thalamic 16th june 2009
I think you can turn off sharing, save it, turn sharing back on, and save it again to make it re-appear as new fontstruction. That way we could maintain the conversation but also keep the whole font popping up as a new font.

Thanks for your pros and cons. I guess I have always thought that nobody would ever pay for my fonts, so why not open them for cloning. Maybe I'm just too insecure and should reconsider.

There have been several times that I wished I could clone fonts by many of these collaborators to see how they did something. Maybe a new feature to ask for? The ability to "send a clone" to someone? Then we could at least share amongst trusted friends.
Comment by aphoria 16th june 2009
Oh yeah...why hasn't intaglio contributed anything?
Comment by aphoria 16th june 2009
@ aphoria - i don't think that trick will work, but we could test it. i think i did this before with one of mine and once you turn it back on, it just reappears back in its original place :( and i agree about intaglio and some others :( but hey, the show must go on :) yes, request for clone would be a nice feature along with advanced filtering options on the private and public view pages :)
Comment by funk_king 16th june 2009
@fnk_kng: I didn't mean to say we couldn't "finish" the font for lack of characters, rather, that the font could remain fluid not static.
Comment by afrojet 16th june 2009
@ afro - my bad, dude. i totally agree, but i guess that begs the question - do we allow changes ad infinitum? what if one of us goes rogue :)

@ all - so even though we're not "finished" with this one, do we wait before our next project. participation here is strictly nsa, but i'm sure some of you have ideas about what we've done and what we could do next - if it's not premature :) my suggestions to consider:

1. new project - tighter grid. our first uses what i consider a moderately sized grid. how about restricting the grid to???
2. new project - vary the filter. i pretty much work 2x2. i would be a challenge to work otherwise
3. new project - restricted grid and filter
4. new project - restricted character. explore what happens only using certain bricks
5 new project - themed - blackletter, italics, inline, fat,

i know, i have too much free time :) these are only food for thought. i suppose we should finish this one first, not to lose focus :)
Comment by funk_king 16th june 2009
me again :)

re: restricting - many have voted. should we tally. i was thinking since this is a sensitive issue we could make a compromise. keep as is. when finished make a clone and delete those glyphs by restricted team members. sure it will won't be complete, but there will be the complete version. those that want to share can and those that don't won't. i think this keeps with the spirit of this thing. we really are doing this for ourselves as much as fs, right. i think creatively the team is sharing differently than what observers can experience anyway, but we both learn from the process.

which kind of leads into the next item :) do we allow our glyphs to be used by other team members to possibly create other glyphs? i think it would offer perhaps an opportunity for some bit of uniformity in this eclectic set. but some may not want their glyphs used, so i thought i'd raise the question.

also i think we should use some of the extended characters as workspace. many times i put alternates developed while creating a set at the end of the character set. this could be a way to show and develop ideas. just a thought. ...yep, way too much time :)
Comment by collab 17th june 2009
@ thal - i cropped some bricks off the legs of your A. it's at
Comment by collab 17th june 2009
@FK. You do have a lot of time, and ask way to many questions. You been drinking Red Bull or something? :-)
Let's get this font completed first. Then after would be the best time to propose any new ideas.

I also wouldn't want anyone messing with my glyphs, copying, tweaking, cloning except the members in the group. I could be wrong but that seems to be the majority decision as well. Nippa.
Comment by collab 17th june 2009
Re-revised A.

Absolutely gorgeous z, dj.
Comment by thalamic 17th june 2009
@ Thal, thanks mate, I love it as well, so much so that I'm designing a full font based on it, and other sets based on my a,e,g,N & i. Who knows whether they'll work or not.

For me that's the best thing I've got from doing this collaboration.
Comment by djnippa 17th june 2009
fyi - i did a clone to get a couple of my glyphs to experiment with building them out vs. starting all over again. i cloned a version as collab, then shared it. cloned another version as fk, then deleted my 1st clone as collab. results - once i deleted the clone, there is no link to it being a clone of collab - this could be good or bad, good if you only clone your stuff and only want yourself as the designer - bad if someone takes someone else's stuff and uses it without permission :(
Comment by funk_king 17th june 2009
added h
Comment by Axel Leyer 18th june 2009
Who started the Y ?
Comment by djnippa 18th june 2009
I did. Then right in the middle of doing it, a massive power outage occurred that almost blanketed the city. This is the first chance I've had since then to finish it.

Added Y.

PS, @DJ: I see how you would want to flesh out the character you designed. I would too if I came up with such cool letters. Can't wait to see the whole thing.
Comment by thalamic 18th june 2009
@ thal - i like the Y. i really liked your previous A. i hope u weren't offended by my suggestion, but i guess by your decision to revise, and delete my suggestion would lead me to believe u might be. i thought your A had a nice feel and look that fit in nicely. although a comment was made that it was too wide, it actually was no wider than the W. i feel most sad that you deleted it and that it doesn't appear in any of the previous clones. it was beautiful. but i respect your decision :)
Comment by funk_king 19th june 2009
@ thal - i like the Y. i really liked your previous A. i hope u weren't offended by my suggestion, but i guess by your decision to revise, and delete my suggestion would lead me to believe u might be. i thought your A had a nice feel and look that fit in nicely. although a comment was made that it was too wide, it actually was no wider than the W. i feel most sad that you deleted it and that it doesn't appear in any of the previous clones. it was beautiful. but i respect your decision :)
Comment by funk_king 19th june 2009
Oh no, fk. :) I did think the A was kinda cool, but I also agreed that it did not fit. That's why I deleted it. I'm working on a font that uses that design so it didn't go to waste. No worries.
Comment by thalamic 19th june 2009
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “fs community font 1.4” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by gferreira_admin 19th june 2009
I see a community!
Feels good!

I'm a "singularity", - but what you guys are doing looks great ... 190++ points by me.

Comment by prototype 19th june 2009
Wicked Q Aphoria, you planning on doing a whole font like that?
Comment by djnippa 19th june 2009
That Y still makes me chuckle. Martini with 3 olives. Excellent.
Comment by djnippa 19th june 2009
I did the lowercase q. Afrojet did the uppercase Q, which is much cooler than mine.

But, I might do something with mine anyway. :)
Comment by aphoria 20th june 2009
@ proto - i don't know dude. i think u could make a nice contribution if u participated. u have created 2 outstanding fonts and definitely exhibit the talent to be part of our team :) i would say each of us are singularities and chose to take part in this for the fun of it and the potential that each of us felt it held. what i see happening is that collaborations like this can be the starting point for individual font sets that are further developed by team members who created the original or have permission to use. it's also cool how it's turning out - all these different ideas being bound together in the spirit of creativity and cooperation. way cool :)

@ aphoria - that's a nice smooth q. yes, please do something with it. i think a full set would have lots of fluidity and presence.

@ team - congratulations on getting our first top pick. thanks to the fs staff for making this possible. thanks to the team members for contributing. now we have added motivation to finish :)
Comment by funk_king 20th june 2009
How can I join the club?
Comment by Magic Sam 20th june 2009
Sorry, wicked Upper Q Afrojet. When's the full font making an appearance?
Comment by djnippa 20th june 2009
@ magic_sam - i'm not sure how the team will handle your request since everyone participating pretty much "signed on" at the very beginning and may have reservations to allow additional participation at this point. me - i say let's vote (5 yes votes and you're in :) and i vote yes - there's still glyphs to do.

@ all - re: font distribution - since vowels are like the "prime" letters that appear more often, it may be unfair for anyone to have more than 1. since this wasn't addressed initially, i think everyone should keep definitely keep what they've done. however, next time this may be something to think about. also, if anyone wants one of my vowels, i will gladly transfer the desired glyph to u :) i can make any of my existing vowel glyphs alternates and put them in an unused end character.

@ all - we haven't discussed the use of extended or left-over characters. i was thinking about doing some type of "signature" - genenus1 does this regularly. also might want to do some alternates and place them there as well.

re: name - fontribution :)
Comment by funk_king 20th june 2009
I vote yes for magic_sam and prototype also.

Although, maybe it shouldn't be a public vote in case some one wants to vote no, but not hurt feelings?

I'm not too concerned about the number of contributors, more the ability of each.

I think magic_sam has a very nice portfolio.

Prototype only has two fonts, but they are both good and earned top picks.
Comment by aphoria 20th june 2009
I'm all for prototype and Magic_Sam coming on board. I was still expecting something from Intaglio and Minimum...

@funk_king: Its funny how you mentioned my signature, because it kind of started out as an accident. When I first started, my name wasn't coming out in the readme file, so I wanted to put it in the font somehow. After that was fixed, it just became a habit.

I've put in two more glyphs - B & C. They look simple enough, but as with the other glyphs I've done, you'd have to look close to fully appreciate them and they've been specifically created to showcase certain rendering techniques that can only be achieved in the 2x2 scale.

B has outlined circles with shadows, C is drawn not with circles, but with tilted ovals. No brick stacking. Each glyph is rendered with individual italic slants. Enjoy.

Comment by collab 20th june 2009
That 'B' is genius, Genius. So many great letters everyone. You've all done a terrific job. I say let in whoever else feels like they've got something to contribute.
Comment by afrojet 20th june 2009
Dear fontstructors!
THANKS for inviting me. My head is cluttered at the moment, and i do not feel like beeing able to concentrate on the community font PROPERLY. What funk_king wrote about one of my things, i want to cite, in order to honour YOU ALL:

... like great singers - each one unique and magnificent in their own right ...

(PS: When i'm ready for the community font, i WILL find an empty glyph ... say, Capital Yogh, for example; this glyph always cracks me up :)

Comment by prototype 21st june 2009
OH! Yes, that's totally uncool.
Comment by thalamic 21st june 2009
That's really worrying, as someone could delete the whole font if they so desired!!




It may have been as genuine mistake. Whoever did it, please own up, and take it on the chin. We need to know that it IS someone within the group, and we don't have an infiltrator.

@FK. It was still visible at 6.30am this morning, when I got back from my gig at Digital,Brighton, UK.
Comment by djnippa 21st june 2009
How come everything's in bold!
Comment by djnippa 21st june 2009
I added a P, o and v. Hope you like them.
Comment by Magic Sam 21st june 2009
lol. hey dj, it started back at the end of one of your posts. it can't be edited cause you posted as you. i don't know if that's it or if hiding the comment might turn off the bold. i agree - although the issue is important, it doesn't warrant bold type. well at least its not bold caps :)

@ magic - i do, i do. very nice and welcome. must put you in the credits.
Comment by funk_king 21st june 2009
@ thal - the corkscrew T, the martini glass Y - very nice, indeed :)
Comment by funk_king 21st june 2009

Somebody took a throwing star to the old 'X'. Thalamic. Why?
Comment by afrojet 21st june 2009

hey guys. i just added an "H".

Whoever changes glyphs from ohers:
Guys, who destroy and infiltrate other people's thoughts and projects are poor. that is not only disrespecting, it's evil and wrong.


edit: bold mode stopped :)
Comment by collab 21st june 2009
I love this font and its uniqueness every letter. I was wondering if I could make a few letters?
Comment by Josh Hejka (jhejka) 22nd june 2009
That's a great X thalamic!

Let the record show that I did NOT alter any glyphs but my own.
Comment by aphoria 22nd june 2009
I was thinking about this messing with someone else's work (because being obsessive is my standard mode of operation ;) and I think it may not have been anyone. What happens if two people are editing the fontstruction at the same time? Person A starts editing (and saving) this font, Person B comes along and also starts to edit. The FontStruction that Person B will get to edit will be the partially completed version of Person A's work (until the last save). Now both A and B are working on the FontStruction without knowing there is someone else working on it as well. Since Person B has the latest editable version, those edits get saved, while Person A's saves get lost. Later when both are done, the state of the FontStruction is that only part of Person A's work shows up while all of Person B's work is displayed. Upon seeing this, Person A thinks someone has fucked with his work when, in fact, no did. It's just a theory. What do you think, Rob?

@RobMeek: Could the FontStruction be locked from editing if it is already in editing mode? I know it means another variable to track, but maybe worthwhile.

@afrojet: The I *'d my own X. No sabotage there. The other X stood out like a sore thumb. To counter that I just started combining the two angled bricks without any concept in hopes of discovering something, and when the shape turned out to be ninja in nature, I just went with it. :) Your angled lines slab serif is anxiously awaited.

@funk_king: The cork screw is from memory. I don't know if I got the proportions right.
Comment by thalamic 22nd june 2009
@funk_king: I think Thalamic is right. I designed and posted my 'Q' twice and thought it was done. only to return later to see that it was gone. I think this happens when two or more people are working on the font at the same time.
Comment by afrojet 22nd june 2009
sound like that is probably what happened and was probably bound to happen with everyone going at it :) so i guess, no harm, no foul - thank goodness :)
Comment by funk_king 22nd june 2009
@afrojet: My niece (age: 6.5) was sitting on my lap, passing judgment on each of the letter designs between "OK", "Good", "Bad", and "Excellent" (her scale). The only time she decided to hand out Excellent was at W. :)
Comment by thalamic 22nd june 2009
According to Internet Anagram Server, words that can be made out of 'F I K L U c f k p u' are 'Fuck Flu Kip Kick Luff Up'; some out of 'a e g D N z i M' are 'Made Zing, Dazing 'Em, Dazing Me, Maze Ding, Gamin' Zed, Am Zinged'. ;)

/me goes to find what 'luff' means.
Comment by thalamic 22nd june 2009
That's great, Thal. I take that as a mighty big compliment. Tell her that I dedicate the 'W' to her.

Also, as long as we can spell 'Danzig', I consider the font complete. Really, what other words are necessary once you have Danzig?
Comment by afrojet 22nd june 2009
I added a "V". Hope you like it. :)
Comment by Josh Hejka (jhejka) 22nd june 2009
looking real good. who added the glyphs that completed the uc? check out the sample text - wow team! just a few more for the lc. then numbers and punctuation please :)
Comment by funk_king 22nd june 2009
re: space tweaking - i started, then stopped to tweak some spacing issues i noticed in some glyphs. it seems most start flush against the left margin (starting point), but some don't - should they all start flush? also the right spacing varies too - most have 2 spaces after the glyph some don't. i know for some it's the desired effect, but i thought i should mention so each person can adjust their own spacing. i guess generally we don't want to extend into the previous or next glyph's space - unless that is the desired effect like with the i and some others. please check. view the sample text and adjust as needed :) fk
Comment by collab 22nd june 2009
@ jhejka - welcome and yes, like the V and groovy beads :) how about some lc?

@ thal - nothing like getting a child's reaction especially with this one since it's suppose to be fun :) i notice some of those anagrams myself - purely accidental selection of glyphs :) also, would you do alternate versions of both your A with whiskers and your X with some "speed marks"? please. i think it would be interesting to see those additions :) fk

@ team - apologies for flaming several posts back. i deleted that post because i felt pretty bad going off like that :( this has been a wonderful trip and passions run deep. thanks for the good vibes this project has produced :)
Comment by collab 22nd june 2009
@ - i must say your A has really grown on me :) it not only displays technical invention but comic brilliance as well - i can't help but smile each time that A pops up in the sample text :)
Comment by funk_king 22nd june 2009
@FK - I hope you don't mind but I've re-corrected the kerning on the font, as each letter needs slightly different spacing. Some need 0,1 & 2 after spaces. Those with serif's need to be different, certain letters like I,t,f all different. It's a bit of a specialist job.
- djnippa
Comment by collab 22nd june 2009
Does anyone else think k,o,p,q,v are too big?

- djnippa
Comment by collab 22nd june 2009
I added a "w". If you don't like it, you could change it.

Comment by collab 23rd june 2009
yeah i do :)
Comment by kix 23rd june 2009
@Nippa: I think the o fits in with the rest, but I reworked v (it´s a bit lower now).
And I added a y :-)
Comment by Magic Sam 23rd june 2009
@jhejka: like your w!
Comment by Magic Sam 23rd june 2009
Just b,j,l & r to complete the lower case. I think those who've only done a few letters should do them.

Comment by collab 25th june 2009
I miss a certain person in that list. Guess who. ;)
So how does this work?
Comment by David Neustadt (saberrider) 27th june 2009
hey saber, sent u the sign-in info. no particular process. just log in and do your thing :)
Comment by funk_king 27th june 2009
@funk_king: Re whiskers and trails...go ahead and add them. Let's, um, collaborate.
Comment by thalamic 27th june 2009
added j, l & x
Comment by David Neustadt (saberrider) 28th june 2009
Added a "2". Supposed to be a playing card (I hope it looks like one).

Comment by collab 28th june 2009
@Saberrider. Lovin the j & l
@Hejhog. That 2 made me smile, great idea.

It's now just a numbers game. Can we complete? Only time will tell.

- djnippa
Comment by collab 29th june 2009
Added a plus sign

Comment by collab 30th june 2009
Its missing a lowercase b? Get me in on it! - Good stuff
Comment by JoeAllison 2nd july 2009
someone's gotta do an "r" as well :)
Comment by kix 2nd july 2009
I have contributed a b !
Comment by JoeAllison 14th july 2009
heads up contributors. i am thinking about releasing this font on 1001fonts website. it is a popular site for free dls. i put some stuff there and i'm happy with the results :) i plan on providing the same info that's in the description. this could potentially give this font some extra exposure and in turn each designer and Fontstruct. let me know if you object.
Comment by funk_king 25th october 2009
i hate html. pls copy and paste: http://www.1001fonts.com/font_details.html?font_id=3531
Comment by collab 25th october 2009
I think that's cool idea fk. Maybe it will bring some exposure to all the great stuff here.
Comment by aphoria 25th october 2009
Are you going to update the numbers, like on 1001 fonts?
Comment by Josh Hejka (jhejka) 8th november 2009
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “FS Collaboration 1” is now a current Featured FontStruction.
Comment by afrojet 8th february 2010
Hey. Can I make the 8 other numbers? Please? I can try. If it's not good, you can remove them.
Comment by Captian Olimar (CaptianOlimar) 9th february 2010
@CaptianOlimar - i'm sorry, but the numbers have been completed, i just never updated them to this version :(
Comment by funk_king 9th february 2010
@CaptianOlimar - there's still many punctuation characters that need to be done; if you want to do them, let me know.
Comment by funk_king 9th february 2010
I have just noticed that this has has over 2000 downloads on 1001 Fonts :)
Comment by p2pnut 9th february 2010
I assure you that those symbols are pretty hard to make. It was all I had! In only a number or two was saved, I could be lucky,
unfortunately I'm not, so I can't compete. I assured you if you saved just a symbol, I can just try. But since not, I can't compete. And I wanna! :'( Why?
Comment by Captian Olimar (CaptianOlimar) 9th february 2010
But still then, there could be a FS Collaboration 2...so add me in te group. I can slowly work on a few letters or numbers (I.E. a, e, r, g, j, 6, 3, 8, 9, A, H). So if I'm good enough,
Comment by Captian Olimar (CaptianOlimar) 9th february 2010
Pick me. :)
Comment by Captian Olimar (CaptianOlimar) 9th february 2010
Here my proof. Sure I might spoil the character, but there are others I can make. My two =
Comment by Captian Olimar (CaptianOlimar) 9th february 2010
@CaptianOlimar - you have such enthusiasm - it's great that you want to participate in another collaboration. i'm just not sure if right now is the best time to do one. the reason i say that is because of the recent post by afrojet about a new surprise feature that's about to be deployed and a contest that will be starting soon. i'm sure many potential collaborators will be trying out the new feature and participating in the contest.

i think it's a good idea to do another collaboration, but i also think that maybe we should wait a bit before we start one. let's see what surprises the FS staff have for us and then let's try and do something as a community. just make sure you don't let me forget :)

i think your samples are cool. very minimalist and techno. i also see you have cloned some fonts. that's a good way to learn how to use Fontstruct by seeing how others have used it. so keep using it and i hope that we can work together soon :)
Comment by funk_king 9th february 2010
I'm participating OuO
Comment by Captian Olimar (CaptianOlimar) 9th february 2010
I have created a letter lowercase s a few minutes ago. Soon, I should have more.
Comment by Captian Olimar (CaptianOlimar) 9th february 2010
The "soon" is over. I have an i, e, k, s, p, q, and a 5. I haven't made any uppercases yet; The reason might be I like the lowercases more.
Comment by Captian Olimar (CaptianOlimar) 10th february 2010
It's not all I'm making, though.
Comment by Captian Olimar (CaptianOlimar) 10th february 2010
Any letters that I have can only spell the word "PSP". The famous sony handhold console. If I make a y, the e, s, and k can make one, spelling the word "pesky". I also have a q and i. If I made a u and a t, I'd spell the word "Quit". Which makes me do those now.
Comment by Captian Olimar (CaptianOlimar) 10th february 2010
you are not only enthusiastic, but funny as well :)
Comment by funk_king 10th february 2010
I now have the letters/numbers a, c, e, i, k, p, q, s, t, u, y, 1, 2, 5, and 8. Looks like I'm very good to go! I've got most of the lowercases, and didn't really many ANY UPPERCASE at all. The one that might be the coolest is the lined t.
Comment by Captian Olimar (CaptianOlimar) 10th february 2010
I now can make the words "pesky", "psp", "quit", "pay", "cap", and "says".
Comment by Captian Olimar (CaptianOlimar) 10th february 2010
where is your font? have you shared it yet?
Comment by funk_king 10th february 2010
When the next FS collaboration starts, I'm gonna be joining.
Comment by Captian Olimar (CaptianOlimar) 11th february 2010
hey Captian, i cloned a copy of your testfont and then i copied and pasted your '1' into this set. since i did the original '1' i figured nobody would really mind. i had to increase the size X5 because it was smaller than the other glyphs in this set and you used a 1x1 filter setting and this one uses 2x2. i think i got it pretty close to your original. hope you like it :) fk
Comment by collab 11th february 2010
FUNKKING?!?!? You can't really be serious! You did this? For me?
Comment by Captian Olimar (CaptianOlimar) 11th february 2010
Hey funny guy :)

nice to hear you like my "t"!
Comment by kix 12th february 2010
Looks like the information does not show someone who made the r. It is still mad,e so maybe give me the sign-in info and I'll use a certain font and make it my style.
Comment by Captian Olimar (CaptianOlimar) 13th february 2010
Comment by collab 24th april 2010
not bad fellas :)
Comment by collab 24th april 2010
I just uncovered this gem and would love to be part of any future collaborations! :D
Comment by 3moDuDe 26th september 2010



... Basically they are all the same rule with a different number of '!'s.
Comment by Captian Olimar (CaptianOlimar) 27th april 2011
Yes, sometimes you have to say something over and over again, just so they get the message. Although you can tell someone a thousand times, and they still may never fully understand. I peaked at three, I figured that would be enough.
Comment by djnippa 27th april 2011
Hello ppl, I've set up my own collaboration. Search "2012 Collaboration" if you want to participate. Fans of this collaboration might like my collaboration.
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 30th december 2012
I sounded like a little kid in a room full of pros, which i am. I sure am dumb, huh?
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 27th march 2013

I Wanna Get In This FS Collab! "?" Font: Sonic 1 Title Screen, "!" Font: Pointy, ":" Font: Heldocoutlineveticrial.

Comment by Logan Roman (Logan2020) 22nd august 2022


low case á: lucapri logo font but accurate

space: fontstructers

to see them click my logo

Comment by lucapri 10th may 2023

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