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What better way to celebrate our bright future than pushing a whole creative medium forward? Introducing Brick Patching – a combinatoric approach to constructing hyper-tunable curved and angular modular forms.

Stay tuned to this space; on Sunday 5/xx/20 I will describe this highly useful hack and fully document the technique.

Upgrade your gray matter cuz one day it may matter.

Info: Created on 7th October 2018 . Last edited on Sat, 2nd May.
License FontStruct License
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Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) Sat, 2nd May
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) Sat, 2nd May

Oh no. Years ago he invented brick stacking, now he broke FontStruct again. Are you even human, sir? 

Comment by Neoqueto Sat, 2nd May

The font itself is absolutely gorgeous. That ultra-minimal, yet unmistakeable "E". 

Comment by Neoqueto Sat, 2nd May

Your flavor of insanity affects taste buds i do not possess. yet. 
Excited for Sunday if I can remember what day that is. 

Comment by geneus1 Sat, 2nd May

Q 2 4 5 6 are awesome. Love it.

Comment by thalamic Sat, 2nd May

The last hours of an aComp are always the best! Astonishing font, master!

Comment by elmoyenique Sat, 2nd May

Only you have the capacity to make something so complex look so simple.

Comment by thalamic Sat, 2nd May
Comment by elmoyenique Sat, 2nd May

To see a number of circles with different diameters and with near perfect curves combined in one fontstruction is more than impressive! A beautiful font that breaks away from the grid.

Comment by four Tue, 5th May

Hey friends ~ just a quick update. I’ve been hammered over the weekend by a rough patch of migraines (no pun intended) and am needing to limit my screentime until I’m through it. Feeling on the mend today, and intend to be shedding some light on brickpatching – as well as thanking you properly for your comments – as soon as I’m able 💜

Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) Tue, 5th May

Pretty letters with simple geometric shapes. The "c" is from the Packman game : )

So it seems the era of polygonal glyphs will soon be over, and the time of smooth curves have finally arrived. Beautiful demo pics. I hope you get well, soon. 10/10

Comment by Frodo7 Wed, 6th May

@Frodo7 Pac-man*

Did you know that Pac-man was originally called Puck-man, but was changed for preventative neasures from vandals being able to deface the macine to change the P to an F…

Also, nice to see you!

Comment by BWM Wed, 6th May

Measures* (geez, i cant spell right on a phone)

Comment by BWM Wed, 6th May
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “fs Patchman” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Wed, 13th May

360+ downloads already?

Also, Congrats on Top Pick, Williaum!

Comment by BWM Thu, 14th May

that's so beautiful!

Comment by beate Thu, 14th May

That's amazing! That "S" X-ray... wow. Can't wait for you to show us how brick patching works!

Comment by oigcim Fri, 5th June

Wow! I'm so glad to see this Patching font. You are my FS h4x0r.

Comment by Hensley Dodson (Hensilly) Sat, 22nd August

I am hoping we will hear more from William soon!

In the meantime, I have made a speculative cloneable fontstruction exemplifying how I believe brick patching might work at a more basic level. I hope you will check it out :-)

Comment by user-juli Tue, 8th September

as again incredible and very perplexing!

Comment by opipik Mon, 14th September

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