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FRESCHER - 'Impossible figures'-inspired display type


Inspired by some of the poineers in this field:
Oscar Reutersvärd,  Maurits Cornelis Escher  and  Roger Penrose


It's only a small font, that mainly covers the Basic-Latin set.

There is a full (Uc) / (Lc) letter set, numerals and a bare minumum of symbols & punctuations, that allow at least the ability to include some form of basic structure or to clarify the meaning of a text.

I decided to keep the character set small but functional.

Designing a full multi-lingual set of accented letters accompanied with extensive support for symbols & punctuations as well as doing so within the framework for this type of decorative and complex stylistic concept seemed pointless to me due to a number of reasons.

Stylistically speaking for this type of designs it would be highly unlikely it is ever going to be used for large chunks of Body Print. Which is the primarily the only reason for including profoundingly deeper levels of typographic support into a typeface.
FRESCHER's strong and unique decorative appearance means that its is primary a Display font that should only be used for titles, headlines or for small amounts of text at large sizes and conceptual purpose artworks for media, posters, logo's/branding or advertisements.

Another thing is, that given the decorative complexity and conceptual nature of this font, the number of directions into which a certain character-design could be taken succesfuly and still remains to make sense, as well as fitting within that syle framework of the font at any time was drastically limited to only a small few.

Its for those reasons that I rather choose to keep things for FRESCHER simple and effective, rather than I would go through great lengts in order to try and include tons of half-ass and poorly designed extra's only because I desperately was trying to succeed in constructing these into that same 'Impossible geometry' -concept style.

Not to mention that I have a far to incapacitating forms of O.P.N.D. (Obsessive-Purist-Nerd-Disorder), to even think of ever going there.

I'm pretty sure that without a large characted set that would allow it to jump head first straight into  "Typographic-'Never-Ever' Land", this severely limited package is more likely to encourages it being used solely for its decorative purpose. In response this automatically forces greater awareness for the strong 'characteristic' qualities of the font.

Whereas massive 'multi-lingual-o-graphic'-typeset materials would have only paved the way to certain areas in which this font isn't supose to be used for to begin with.



If, there for whatever obscure personal reason a specific character or symbol that still is absolutely mandatory to have included in the character set as well, just request it in the comment setion bellow.

I'll be happy to design it for you on demand!

For now,



Nice. Escheresk by Tobias Sommer is an interesting point of comparison.

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 28th may 2018

Every glyph shows a cleverly illogical folded strip of paper Origamesher ;) 10/10 I think a set for optical illusion fonts would be good; it might well inspire Fontstructors to create fonts in this style. A good theme for a future competition?

Comment by Aeolien 28th may 2018

U're too kind Aeolien, thanks. And count me in for that competition! :)

Comment by Sed4tives 28th may 2018

I love this!

Comment by SymbioticDesign 29th may 2018

@Aeolien – we have an Op-Art set although the FontStructions in there are a bit more extreme than this. 

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 30th may 2018

Very similar to this. You should really say if it heavily influenced by something else.


Comment by Audio 8th june 2018

Ehh I'm sorry but that wasn't what inspired or influenced me, even tho it it looks very similar!

Also If I was inspired or had cloned another fontstruction I most certainly would've mentioned it !

Comment by Sed4tives 8th june 2018

Wow another one after years of inactivity now updated fella's

Lowercase included :)

Comment by Sed4tives 14th october 2022
Comment by Sed4tives 15th october 2022
Comment by Sed4tives 15th october 2022
Comment by Sed4tives 15th october 2022

Here are some sample images in addition to the recent update, I hope ya'll like it.


Comment by Sed4tives 15th october 2022

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