fs The I

by thalamic

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Lay The I Flat on top of this to fill in the missing parts.


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Comment by thalamic 16th january 2009
awesome and very useful. i love that touch of bauhaus design.

the only thing that distracts me a little is the x. i can see that there arent many solutions in that system but it really reminds me of a swastika (not the nazi one but the traditional sign). i would really much appreciate an alternative x but the typeface is great anyway.
Comment by David Neustadt (saberrider) 16th january 2009
Thanks, saberrider. The x has been updated, as requested. Enjoy.
Comment by thalamic 16th january 2009
cool. i like x much better now. :)
Comment by David Neustadt (saberrider) 16th january 2009
Nifty idea. You really have a talent for visualising quite difficult things. And getting more so as time goes on.
Comment by intaglio 16th january 2009
I voted only 9 points because there are no numerals (coming soon, perhaps?)... This is excellent, thalamic!
Comment by SquarePeg 16th january 2009
another nice one :)
Comment by funk_king 16th january 2009
@saberrider, funk_king: Thank you. Encouragement makes it easy to continue.

@intaglio: This was a fun font to do. How suggestible we all are!

@SquarePeg: Thanks. These numerals are for you.
Comment by thalamic 16th january 2009
I've raised my vote to 10 points, thalamic. :-)
Comment by SquarePeg 16th january 2009
this one is amazing! getting the 3D-effect without an outline. i consider if a non-italic version is possible with fontstruct...
Comment by Paul Hornoff (Zini) 16th january 2009
This one calls for a uppercase.
good job.
Comment by jmarquez 17th january 2009
Improvement or made it worse?
Comment by thalamic 18th january 2009
Well, I think the t is harder to read now... But I don't think the half-serifs are all that bad. But maybe you should (gasp!) have two versions of The I. Part of the older version's strength, for me, was the simplicity of the shapes.
Comment by SquarePeg 18th january 2009
Hey Thamlamic. Great concept. I've been toying with an oblique 'Struction as well but thought I'd put it on the back-burner until some kind of right side tracking came down the pipe. Do you care to share any strategies you used in spacing this one out on the grid?
Comment by afrojet 18th january 2009
@SquarePeg: I agree. Maybe I will clone it and re-simplify it. But the t is more interesting now, no?

@afrojet: Nothing special. Some characters are at the left edge, some go left one, some two; j goes over 6 grid spaces; etc. The oblique makes it convenient to have bottom-right serifs as they still fit in the top-right overhang. The same thing makes kerning a nightmare for d, f and l because they extend to the right two grid spaces too much. The sample is manually kerned. (--added extra kern space between t / h, removed same between d / i and d / e; the rest are default--) I enabled Clone so check it out. :)

Defining the right side limit would definitely fix some of the kerning problems but it won't be a full kerning solution. Someday, if I get bored of FontStruct, I may try to fix the kerning issues in FontLab. Some-distant-day, ie.
Comment by thalamic 18th january 2009
afrojet's comment got me intrigued. Although the left starting point for each glyph in this and The I Flat is the same, the shadow is two grid spaces wide, hence the width of each character in The I was a bit more than The I Flat, making it tedious to lay one on top of the other, requiring per-character kerning at design time. So I broke out FontLab and cleaned up points, fixed the metrics and added kerning info into this and The I Flat. The result is shown in the sample below, which is just two layers of text, one in each font, without any manual adjustment. I can't upload those fonts anywhere, but if you contact me though the handy-dandy message service with your address, I'll be glad to email them to you.
Comment by thalamic 19th january 2009
Most excellent. Thanks for the pointers. I will be eager to compare the two.
Comment by afrojet 19th january 2009
I'm gone for a while and miss out on all the fun. Splendid, thalamic. Now I can't wait for right side tracking.
Comment by geneus1 26th january 2009
It always amazes me what you can come up with, thalamic.

Great work.
Comment by laynecom 28th january 2009
Thanks guys.

The I and The I Flat have been re-mastered--thanks to the new spacing controls. The I Flat should now lie on top of the The I perfectly aligned without the need to manually kern one or the other. The ying to the yang, Gene. :)
Comment by thalamic 11th february 2009
All the letters look so perfect. I think the space is a bit too narrow though.
Comment by Stelios Constantinides (sconstantinides) 11th march 2009
sorry man...


you seem to have the need to do something better in everything, right?
You made some really "obscure" suggestions on here, not always and sometimes really useful.
But in some of your comments, i don't know what to think...
Do you honestly think thalamic didn't balance the space button's width by his own feeling/decision ?
Comment by kix 11th march 2009
I have nothing but love for this font...it's a 10/10. The stars are to vote on a font, isn't the discussion to say (subjectively) what works and what doesn't? I wish people critiqued my fonts more not less! That's the only way to improve. I downloaded this awhile ago but just looked at the sample text and found it hard to read.
Comment by Stelios Constantinides (sconstantinides) 12th march 2009
Great job! I'm making my own version of this with capitals.
Comment by Josh Hejka (jhejka) 1st april 2009
where you been?
Comment by funk_king 13th may 2009
Great job!
Comment by Kohji 4th june 2009
Comment by storm-1 22nd september 2009
Remarkable how the original, when expressed, seems so inevitable!
Comment by typophilus50 23rd december 2009
Impossible joints! (see image)
(For some reason, I'm reminded of The Facts of Life theme song here. ;-)
Comment by thalamic 31st may 2010
Why the heck hasn't aphoria commented on this?!
His avatar. Here's a question. Was this inspired by aphoria's avatar, or was aphoria's avatar inspired by this?
It's awesome. It's so 3d-ish! Amazing, to give the impression of 3d-ness by just filling in the shading. It reminds me of bevel fonts, such as this one.
Love it, thalamic.
Comment by Logan Thomason (xenophilius) 29th december 2010
Oh, aphoria's changed it. Nevermind.
Comment by Logan Thomason (xenophilius) 5th january 2011
Love it. 10.1/10.
Caps? Punctuation?
Comment by BanjoZebra 21st may 2011


Comment by kounnavi 17th may 2017


Comment by VTOTFS2021 15th july 2021

Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You will lose future commenting priveleges, and risk having your FontStruct account deleted, if you do so. Read more.

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