tm up dn

by thalamic

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Only interesting in theory; the practical application leaves a lot to be desired. Incomplete as well. Only sharing now because vacations are over. Back to work from tomorrow moring. Won't really have time to work on this in any meaningful way anymore. Unless inspiration strikes out of somewhere and I am able to stay awake past my bedtime.

Every glyph has a counter rotated glyph or has self rotational symmetry—all except the c, which remains a loner loser.

paired rotational glyphs: ae bq dp ft hy jr mw nu G9 JR NV 25

self rotational symmetric glyphs: g i k l o s x z Q S Z ! & , ' 

Full disclosure: This fs was started before there was such a thing as Reverse competition. 

Side story on the making: This fontstruction is deceptively simple. It was quite a challenge to execute. Just because the strokes seem flowing doesn't mean they are all placed in the logical grid block. The rounded-off ends forced the bricks to be placed in any of the 8 adjoining blocks and nudged into place. Consequently, due to the nature of nudge only moving as much as half a block in any direction, some compromises had to be made in the shapes.

Info: Created on 10th March 2017 . Last edited on 29th June 2017.
License FontStruct License
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Comment by thalamic 29th June 2017
Comment by thalamic 29th June 2017

A perfect ambigram font. Cool!

Comment by architaraz 30th June 2017

Thanks, architaraz

Comment by thalamic 9th July 2017
Comment by thalamic 9th July 2017

Perfect sample shows your planning, thinking, patience and need to find a solution to achieve your dream. Highly impressive. That kind of dedication many people don't want to learn or don't understand. My GoldMedal to you ;)

Comment by Aeolien 9th July 2017

Wow. What a compliment, Aeolien. I thank you for your generosity.

Comment by thalamic 9th July 2017

Nice animated sample.

Comment by Brynda 10th July 2017

Great samples that beautifully show how well this was put together. I would love to spend some time with this to find matching pairs of words.

Comment by four 11th July 2017

Surprising, master!

Comment by elmoyenique 17th July 2017

9/10 Maybe you can think of full numerals, you can put the flipped 2 in the @ glyph

Comment by Brynda 17th July 2017
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “tm up dn” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 19th July 2017

Congratulations on the Honorable Mention. In this design deviating from established letter shapes has added to the visual flow without reduction of meaning. 

Comment by Aeolien 19th July 2017

@Brynda: Thanks.

@four: Try: sales, evilina, lol, axe, haley, pod, axe. I'm sure others are possible as well. Thanks.

@elmoyenique: You are too kind. Thanks.

@meek: Thanks for the continuous support. 

@Aeolien: So nice of you to notice. Thanks.

Comment by thalamic 23rd July 2017

you said axe twice

Comment by Brynda 10th August 2017

you said axe twice

Comment by Brynda 10th August 2017

@Brynda You said you said axe twice twice

Comment by Echo Heo (bluemon) 25th June 2019

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