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Info: Created on 23rd March 2016 . Last edited on 1st May 2016.
License Creative Commons
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Dibuatnya font ini untuk sebuah tugas besar.

Font ini didesain untuk melambangkan banner yang berjualan sate.

Comment by Winny Melina 29th March 2016

Detail "Y" bagian atas sblh kiri kurang (?)

Comment by liemjessica 30th March 2016

Eh, kokk kerenn winn

Comment by teresastephani 3rd April 2016

kerenn winn ... buat e sekalian sampek lengkap kalau bisa :) hehehe

Comment by olievialldiesaw 3rd April 2016

X nya kurang lebar kesamping, tapi scr keseluruhan sudah okeh bingit!

Comment by natalia devara 3rd April 2016

A sama V nya terlalu kebuka.

tapii konsep n keseluruhan bagus :)

Comment by Felicia Priscillya 3rd April 2016

Pretty typeface :) Glyph-nya juga lengkap.

Comment by Nadya Ferina (Redcapecat) 4th April 2016

68 glyphs already? omg youre so fast win lol niceee!

Comment by iamgavriela 4th April 2016

Good ! ♥️

Comment by deandra15093 5th April 2016

Yg Y kiri emang nggak di detail kah? Sama yg P bawahnya jg detailnya kurang dikit. Tp overall bagus win! Cepet banget uda sebanyak ini wkwkwk

Comment by jessicaalicias 5th April 2016

nice, although the "M", "N", "m", "n" are not in the same harmony.. try harder

Comment by secondxart 6th April 2016

nice fonts!

Comment by jordanlilin 6th April 2016

bagian serifnya disamakan biar terlihat enak soalnya banyak yang tidak konsisten seperti huruf F,O dan T, S but offerall apik win nice work.

Comment by reyner_valiant 6th April 2016

Hallo... keren fontnya win udah konsisten rapi lagi kaya keluarga bahagia.... good job

Comment by Bryan Tj 7th April 2016

Nice font Win, tapi A sama V nya keliatan kelebaran

Good Job Win :D

Comment by Ellysa Evellyne 7th April 2016

bagus win keren, tapi X nya agak aneh mungkin kurang lebar :D goodjob

Comment by Ivana H W 7th April 2016

Great typeface!!!! Simple and nice. The "A" is a little bit too wide.

Overall, great work!

Comment by naomnaomi 7th April 2016

K-E-R-E-N winnn.. alias KEREN.. Ajarin aku dongs.. comment and like back yaa wkwkwkwk

Comment by david15030 7th April 2016

fontnya yang dibuat bagus win.. terus dikembangkan seperti itu :)

Comment by ameliajesica 8th April 2016

Wah, niat banget udah bikin lengkap yaa :D

diliat sekilas udah cukup konsisten, tapi kalau ditelaah lebih dalam lagi lebar tiap huruf2 nya agak kurang sama..

tapi keseluruahan udah oke :D

well done

Comment by pieterenaldi 8th April 2016

Very neat and consistent!
A little accent stroke addition on capitals like J,K,L,P, and R like the others might perfect the typeface ^^

Comment by cherlita 8th April 2016

Cool typeface!

Comment by m42415156p 8th April 2016

Lengkap, rapi n konsisten, cool

Comment by marcia42415176 8th April 2016

Ketchey winny banget deh

Comment by Kenny Kusuma Darmawan 8th April 2016


Comment by Anita Sylvia 8th April 2016

keren win udah sampe 52 

Comment by repratantra 8th April 2016

nice work.. hanya huruf "V".nya terkesan terlalu lebar..

Comment by CynShin08 8th April 2016

terlalu bagus iki win!!! cuma e X e klo lebaran dkit lbh bagus

Comment by jevon15010 8th April 2016

Huruf "X" nya kurang lebar daripada yang lain. But overall great job!

Comment by nikitaolivia 8th April 2016


Comment by Felianaagustin 9th April 2016

keliatan cukup konsisten, nice work, good job

Comment by Hestiatrina9 9th April 2016

Keren... Cuma lebar angkanya perlu dirapiin...

Comment by RobbyGun 9th April 2016

beberapa huruf kelihatan lebih lebar jika dibandingkan dengan huruf lainnya. overall good job~

Comment by regina15143 9th April 2016

bagus font nya

Comment by oliviaCB_15104 10th April 2016

font yang dibuat sudah maksimal , hanya bagian kirinya tidak lengkung . Tapi keseluruhan bagus! <3

Comment by Theresia Monica (ailatan) 11th April 2016

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