Voxelstorm Dingbats

by Frodo7

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Solace in Geometry.


Comment by Frodo7 2nd may 2016

@Frodo7 - Absolutely beautiful.  Congratulations on this masterpiece!

Comment by Goatmeal 2nd may 2016
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Voxelstorm Dingbats” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 3rd may 2016

You should sell the sample as a poster. I would buy one.

Comment by laynecom 3rd may 2016

@Rob Meek: Thank you very much for the special mention.

@Goatmeal: Thank you for your comment. I was always fascinated by the simple world of pixels, cubes, isometric projection. I thought about this project  - making a set of isometric dingbats - years ago, as a supplement to my isometric fonts. I opted for a 3x3x3 cubic space. There were so many possible variations, I had to cut down their numbers. The spacing between glyphs matches the white gaps within them. A few symmetry pairs are placed on caps/lower case pairs of the same letters.

@laynecon: Thank you for the compliment. For the concept, the credit should go to someone else. To tell you the truth, I've seen a very similar poster having these 3D crosses arranged in the same way a long time ago. Perhaps, it was on Shutterstock.com, I'm not sure. I could not find it again. I had to recreate the pattern by trial and error. 

Comment by Frodo7 3rd may 2016
Comment by Frodo7 3rd may 2016

Simply amazing, master!

Comment by elmoyenique 7th may 2016
Comment by Frodo7 7th may 2016

Reminds me of Minecraft. Awesome!

Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 8th may 2016

More fun...

Comment by Frodo7 10th may 2016


Comment by laynecom 10th may 2016

@Frodo7 - Love the animated sample!

Comment by Goatmeal 10th may 2016

Gorgeous! I put it like a screensaver in my computer at my classroom and my pupils was flashing and smiling with it! Great gif idea and so veeery funny, master!

Comment by elmoyenique 10th may 2016

I've been watching this for a few days now. And I have been awed and amazed and inspired and fascinated. And now with the latest sample, I'm also mesmerized. 

Comment by thalamic 11th may 2016

Thank you for your comments. Yeah, I was having fun with these voxels, and made a few demos to share. The GIF animation above looked like bits of data travelling on the internet, passing though hubs. Or, I can imagine the giant warehouse of Amazon.com processing millions orders with the help of robots would look very similar.

@elmoyenique: I'm very glad you shared this with your students. More fun to them. You never know, some of them might be the next Picasso.

@thalamic: Thank you for your kind words. Inspiration and amazement is mutual. Some of your works (eg. Permutation and Etched series) made a great impression on me, and pushed me to explore patterns. Lately, I'm thinking about a font based on islamic patterns. It won't be easy.

Comment by Frodo7 14th may 2016

Great font, exquisite samples. A beautiful exploration of the variations within the framework of the isometric cube. The gif is magical!

Comment by four 3rd june 2016

thats really cool, i would be happy if you add for 0 (digit) this one


thank you

Comment by yellowdoor 16th july 2016

@yellowdoor: I'm sorry for the late reply, somehow I've missed this comment. However, I've made the glyph for you. It's an interesting one: three steps carved out of the visible half of the cube. I wonder, how does the other side look like? Perhaps, there are five small cubes cut out from the other side too, so as to maintain balance and symmetry.

Comment by Frodo7 25th august 2016

@frodo7  ok is not the same however not bad :-)

Comment by yellowdoor 27th august 2016

@yellowdoor: “the same” ≡ SketchUp logo… :-/


Great 3³ isometric selection & artwork!, frodo7! :-)

Comment by dpla 12th january 2018

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