tm Bubble

by thalamic

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Info: Created on 28th March 2015 . Last edited on 28th May 2017.
License Creative Commons
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Comment by thalamic 6th August 2015
Today's Rob's bday? Happy Birthday Meek!
Comment by geneus1 7th August 2015
Nice work. I especially like the "t". How did you learn 6th August was Rob's birthday?

If true, it is easy to remember. It was a very important day in human history. On that day in 1945 the Americans dropped the first nuclear bomb on Hiroshima. From that day we learned, that intelligence and technical skills are not necessarily advantageous for the survival of our species. But I digress.

Comment by Frodo7 8th August 2015
Facebook. Find us. :-)
Comment by thalamic 8th August 2015
Nice font.

Belated Birthday Greetings to Rob.
Comment by p2pnut 9th August 2015
I must say that I absolutely love this font. The simplicity and effectiveness of it. The t is awesome.

However, the g is looking odd, don't you think? Would you reconsider it? But aside from that: future TP!
Comment by laynecom 12th August 2015
Thanks for the birthday greetings everyone!
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 12th August 2015
Thanks, thanks.

@laynecom: Thanks for appreciating this simple font. Made three alternate g. Which one to keep?
Comment by thalamic 14th August 2015
I love the g in its original form.
Comment by Evie S (j4s13) 14th August 2015
Inspiring, as usual!
Comment by elmoyenique 23rd August 2015

I think you should keep the second g.

Comment by Multivberse (Multinia) 25th May 2017

I like the second g.

Comment by Brynda 26th May 2017

And the second 0, but taller.

Comment by Brynda 26th May 2017

The less significant end of "d" introduces a flaw IMO: while it is present in "au", it is not found in "by" (bottom) or "pq" (top)… If you can work around this first, then "g" may need it too, thus discarding its first glyph. The third glyph of "g" would look the more coherent in this case, after discarding the fourth (for the single occurence of this juncture) and first (for the excessive shrinking of it bowl, cf. "8"). I see the same difficulties from "n" ("h"), "u" ("w")… I am afraid you mixes a lot both cases, which is quite incoherent, e.g. in "U" (abnormal) and "m" (normal but contradicted by the majority).
Of course, if "d" was a mistake, then the second instance of "g" will look fine to me, too.
Sh! Brynda is used to designs that duplicate the "0" (from "O"), so I cannot second her hire ethier… (or I'd become dyslexic.)^^ A compromise would be a "O" with something in its closed counter (1. the ring found only/oddly in "AVWv"? or 2. just a diagonal bar that does not touch? or 3. two ears -like "g" mentioned before-?).
Cool "f" and "t". I'd fine-tune "r" to disambiguate it from "T" (this pair of case should not be encountered IMO). I think the serifs of "IJ" are useless (or excessive). "7Z", even "AVWV" -mentioned earlier- might be as curved as the rest. Enough for now.

Comment by dpla 28th May 2017

I love the "g" # 03

db ))

Comment by beate 29th May 2017

"0"="O" and illogic "d".

Comment by dpla 29th May 2017

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