Manuale Neue Bold

by laynecom

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I wanted to use the nudge feature on my Manuale typeface and soon discovered that I had to start all over again. Here's Manuale Neue Bold!


Comment by laynecom 18th july 2014
Comment by laynecom 18th july 2014
I'm loving it!
Comment by elmoyenique 18th july 2014
Beautiful. 10/10!
Comment by Icelar 18th july 2014
How to improve something that was already good!
Comment by p2pnut 20th july 2014
Wow, thanks p2pnut. I'm flattered.

But there's always room for improvement in my typefaces...
Comment by laynecom 21st july 2014
I think about my unwise fonts in a similar way than you are speaking: "There's always room for improvement". This is a great point of view, 10 2U dear compañero!
Comment by elmoyenique 21st july 2014
Once again!
Comment by elmoyenique 21st july 2014
Beautiful work!
Comment by four 22nd july 2014
I love this! Pointers: the ogonek is missing on your Uppercase I. Love you ij and tildes. The cedilla characters, btw (G, K, L, N, R, [S and T—in Latin extended B]), are actually commas—they're named wrong in Unicode.
Comment by TCWhite 23rd july 2014
Thanks everybody. Will fix all mistakes soon. Thanks for the hint!

Here's another sample:
Comment by laynecom 23rd july 2014
Comment by laynecom 23rd july 2014
Great font :) 10/10

I'm not an expert on ogoneks, but I'm pretty sure it't not simply a reversed cedilla. Any polish speakers who can confirm this?
Comment by Christian Munk (CMunk) 23rd july 2014
I know some Polish, and Cmunk is correct. I was also going to mention that. Ogoneks are generally the same length as the descenders, and roughly resemble the bowl of the a, albeit, squished. :) Also, though this might not be typical, I would simply join the tail of the J to the bottom of Eng; i.e. make the majuscule resemble the miniscule.
Comment by TCWhite 23rd july 2014
10/10 impressive!
About ogoneks:
Comment by riccard0 24th july 2014
What a great project. The sheer number of accented characters is very respectable. On the second picture a clear reference to Glyphs' diacritical "mark cloud" is visible. It is a real time saver. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 24th july 2014
@TCW: The capital eng in this font is very nice, and preferred in the Sami languages that use it. Though African languages prefer the enlarged minuscule. This is a dilemma that I have often pondered, as you can't satisfy everyone without opentype features for alternate glyphs.
Comment by Christian Munk (CMunk) 24th july 2014
Thank you for all your positiv and constructive comments. I've dealt with the ogoneks and here's what I came up with. I know it's not perfect but I hope it's better than before.
Comment by laynecom 25th july 2014
Comment by laynecom 25th july 2014
I can't speak to the technical correctness...but I really like the way they look!
Comment by aphoria 25th july 2014
That works well (the ogonek). :)
Comment by TCWhite 28th july 2014
@Cmunk: Now that I read your post, I can understand your interpretation. I was referring to simply adding the tail of J to the N, like this:
Comment by TCWhite 28th july 2014
I think that form is quite uncommon:
Comment by Christian Munk (CMunk) 28th july 2014
Do you want an uncommon form for eng?
A bit more on it:
Comment by riccard0 28th july 2014
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Manuale Neue Bold” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 29th july 2014
Awesome discussion! Thanks for the Typophile link, it's good to have places to go where you can find suggestions for improvement.

@meek thanks for the TP!
Comment by laynecom 29th july 2014
Congrats, pal!
Comment by elmoyenique 29th july 2014
the site is an endless black hole
Comment by Evie Atarax (j4s13) 29th july 2014
This is very good. Felicitations for the TP !
Comment by beate 29th july 2014
Yes, that form of Eng is rare—aside from my own font Tehuti (pictured), I've only seen this design in a few other fonts.
Comment by TCWhite 30th july 2014
Brilliant use of nudging! I love the tail on the Q, the ogonek, and the extended charset. IMHO, the diagonal strokes on the § could be somewhat thinner; the center appears a bit cramped to me.
Comment by ETHproductions 1st august 2014
Comment by laynecom 1st august 2014
Thanks for all your feedback.

I'm not quite finished with the Latin Extended-B set, but I found out that the alternate Eng is also included in Unicode as a specific character.

Also, I reconsidered the §. The new one is now included.
Comment by laynecom 1st august 2014
Cool type.
I have a question. i just started designing fonts. But i cant fix thespace between te words (big gap)how can i fix this?
Comment by frank vogt 1st august 2014
frank, go to the space character. Then in the menu, go to "View > Letter Width". After selecting that there will be an extra guide that you can use to select the width of the space (between words).

You'll probably want to skinny it up according to your needs, by moving it to the left. To do that, hover your mouse over the guide and you will be able to move it when you see the double arrow, as long as you don't have the guides locked (but you have to be in advanced mode to lock the guides).

I hope that helps.
Comment by SymbioticDesign 2nd august 2014
Nice, laynecom. Very nice and complete.
Comment by SymbioticDesign 2nd august 2014
Nice! You still need to update the ogonek on the I's, plus add comm,as to the G, K, L, N, and R's. Granted your small g already has the comma … Also, I think that the clicks would look better if they were thicker. :)
Comment by TCWhite 4th august 2014
Wow (looking for my dictionary to find a more expressive word) A lot of glyphs in a beautifully designed useful text font.
Comment by Aeolien 4th august 2014
Comment by laynecom 7th august 2014

Wow! It's fontastic! (badum tss)
I can write in Spanish with it :D

Comment by Do0It 7th november 2020

There are three characters missing diacritics:

ķ (U+0137) - missing cedilla

ƛ (U+019B) - missing stroke

ǽ (U+01FD) - missing acute.

Comment by AFontAbove 21st june 2022

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