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just for fun. i will propably update this from time to time.


Comment by David Neustadt (saberrider) 21st september 2008
You nailed the personalities! Brilliant. :D

Now do the Graphic Designer. ;)
Comment by thalamic 21st september 2008
just brilliant done. found wonderful solutions here.
Comment by kix 21st september 2008
Wonderful. There just aren't enough of them. There could be a game in this. Don't subtitle the rest of the alphabet and we can guess who they are.
Comment by intaglio 21st september 2008
I just cloned this one to see how you did it ... you guy are crazy.

Voted a 10 for the concept,
the incredible way of bricking and for the matching of characters.

Comment by guentersen 21st september 2008
The monocle on Nobility is great. If he turned around would his tux have tails?
Comment by afrojet 21st september 2008
Really great, the first Font i downloaded.
Comment by rollinger 22nd september 2008
Comment by funk_king 22nd september 2008
Cool people, well done. Maybey they could drive in my cars (
Comment by patricknas 22nd september 2008
Comment by afrojet 22nd september 2008
thank you for all your comments. I especially like afrojets combination with patricknas car.
Comment by David Neustadt (saberrider) 22nd september 2008
Very smart pictograms!
While Omino pictofont succeeded in creating a lot of actions, this one provides people with personality(even if the pirate reminds me Santa Claus for some reason :).

@afrojet: ha ha, great combination of Picto People with Nachahmung and Cars: we just need some buildings and FontStructLand is ready!
Comment by Em42 23rd september 2008
Awesome! Really cool! :)
Comment by Axel Leyer 23rd september 2008
Great idea! Great realization! Updating it would be awesome!
Comment by sahwar 5th october 2008
@Em42: We do have buildings. Kix made 'em with Skylines. The town also has basic traffic laws as seen in Road Signs. I trust that everyone who went down to the Funk King's dealership and picked up one of his Fast Cars will obey those laws.
Comment by afrojet 6th october 2008
And off we go!

Forgot to add people though..
Comment by Unigirl 7th october 2008
And off we go!

Forgot to add people though..
Comment by Unigirl 7th october 2008
omg i didnt realise there were so many bricks involved until i cloned it. great job!
Comment by elise95 7th october 2008
I'm overwhelmed by the positive feedback I got here.
If you do have any ideas for charakters that could be done please tell me.
Comment by David Neustadt (saberrider) 8th october 2008
All the positive feedback is well deserved. Enjoy.

As for additional people: Graphic Designer, FontStructor, Pied Piper, American Idol, Teacher, Ghost Buster, Rocketeer, V, R2D2, Doctor, Frankenstein, A. Einstein, The Hulk, Inspector Gadget, Mr. T, etc.
Comment by thalamic 8th october 2008
hey, nice conversation in here :)

cool, using all those fonts together in one sample!
CONGRATULATIONS on being "featured fontstruct", du sau! :)
i know, what it means. not only that it made me superproud, it pushed my download count up to 2000 and further!

now some inspirations for additional characters:
jimi hendrix, the hulk, porn actor, graffiti artist, postman, hellboy, stephen hawking, E.T., lucky luke, rocky, Dirk Nowitzki, god and may marilyn manson.

Comment by kix 8th october 2008
Punk, Bakerman (is baking bread), Fat, Skinny, Skeleton, Rocker, Mod, Nerd, Beau, Ted, Struwwelpeter, Greek (with tunika), Magician, Witch, Ballerina ...
Comment by guentersen 8th october 2008
aphex twin(s?)!
Comment by guentersen 8th october 2008
@afrojet: too bad I forgot about Skylines!

@Unigirl: I reintroduced some picto people in your lovely artwork, and it came out as a monster-disaster movie poster: I hope you like it!
Comment by Em42 9th october 2008
Em42: Holy Attack of the Fonstruct Clones, Batman - who would win this epic battle? More importantly, have you reserved the movie rights yet? Somebody better Fonstruct us a Bat-Signal pronto or the Sith Lords will have us all creating script fonts using only the triangle brick.
Comment by afrojet 9th october 2008
Congratulations on the Featured Download, Saber! The characters have such subtle nuances. I love what's going on in this page. It's nice to see all the fonts getting along together. If I had the time, I would totally animate this - the Dark Knight vs. the Dark Side.

FontStructville: "Stay a while, stay forever!"
Comment by geneus1 11th october 2008
i gave this a 5\5, but i think it needs more.
Comment by Munkydude 11th october 2008
i just wanted to let you know that I already tried some of your ideas. unfortunately I wasn't really happy with the results so far but I'm working on it and I'll give it another try once I can find some spare time. I really liked all of your suggestions, especially Stephen Hawking. :>
Comment by David Neustadt (saberrider) 12th october 2008
Em42: Nice :)

Here's another one:
Fontstruct goes Blues Brothers!
Comment by Unigirl 18th october 2008
Forgot the image..

Here it is:
Fontstruct goes Blues Brothers!
Comment by Unigirl 18th october 2008
hi ppl look at my font!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by snow6flake2 19th october 2008
Very nicely done. I think that you could also later on add some famous
Villians and mean/evil people.
Hitler not being one of them
Comment by CommunistTank 12th november 2008
How about some video game characters - Mario, Sonic or even Professor Layton!
Comment by bobo7264 25th november 2008
How about some video game characters - Mario, Sonic or even Professor Layton!
Comment by bobo7264 25th november 2008
How about some video game characters - Mario, Sonic or even Professor Layton!
Comment by bobo7264 25th november 2008
Wow... This is a cool font. I think you should try, like suggested previously, some more villains. Darth Maul, Dr. Eggman, Doc Oc, Maybe animals, such as tigers, dragons, lions, and so on. I also think that trying to do someone like yourself would be an... interesting idea.
Comment by DragonGirl404 11th december 2008
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “picto people” is now a current Featured FontStruction.
Comment by gferreira_admin 24th december 2009
thank, your font is so lovely
Comment by juri 7th january 2010
A good font!
You can see my font: JOV.ES
Comment by Juan José Martín Andrés (dartearte) 7th may 2010
great font here. now with FS 2.0, i wonder what can be done?
Comment by funk_king 15th june 2010
OMG It's AWESOME. I love it.
Comment by toasterfryshop 7th november 2010

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