mad hatter

by tortoiseshell

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Made in the likeness of cards, as always please enjoy


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Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 5th june 2014
Excellent! Love the court cards.
Comment by p2pnut 5th june 2014

For the @, you could do a card in the middle with the spiral surrounding it.

For the # you could do a card in the middle with the lines coming off of it.

For the $ you could just do an S.

For the % you could do two cards for the 0's and a slash, or a card for a slash and two 0's

For the & it could be a combo of E and T.

For / and \ it could be a tilted card.

Hope this helps.
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 6th june 2014
Great work!
M could be narrower, and I'd also lower the bar on 4. X looks a little funny, but don't know if it can be improved with the card at that angle.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 6th june 2014
@winty5, this is awesome, truly creative ideas, I will see what I can do with them.
@yautja, I see what you mean on the 4 and will change it, as for the M, I'm happy with it as it is.
Thank you both for your suggestions!!
Comment by tortoiseshell 6th june 2014
Awesome idea. Love the creativeness and the illustrations are ultra good.
Comment by SymbioticDesign 6th june 2014
A great and well-executed font. You made your largest font yet (which wasn't terribly good for my computer on downloading) at a time when small fonts have become popular thanks to the nudging, proving that large pixel fonts like these shan't become obsolete.

Suggestions: The A could be reversed to suit the convention of having the thick side on the right, and the lowercase could contain alternates in the form of different card designs.

Comment by Cohnisgone 6th june 2014
this is amazing!!!! i love it! ^-^
Comment by 21roisina 6th september 2014

There are junk bricks everywhere! BAD FOR OCD

Comment by brynda1231 18th december 2016

@Brynda1231, thank you for your input regarding the junk bricks. Sadly this font is so massive that outcast and outlying glyphs are inevitable. 

Comment by tortoiseshell 18th december 2016

I can see this font got a complete makeover!

Comment by Hensley Dodson (Hensilly) 25th july 2023

I REALLY like the easter egg in this font. C has a club, D has a diamond, H has a heart, and S has a spade. Extremely clever!

Comment by Hensley Dodson (Hensilly) Sat, 18th november

Forgot to mention, J, K, and Q all have crowns for jack, king, and queen respectively.

Comment by Hensley Dodson (Hensilly) Sat, 18th november

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