fs Bored

by thalamic

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Info: Created on 5th September 2013 . Last edited on 30th September 2013.
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Comment by thalamic 5th September 2013
Comment by thalamic 5th September 2013
I just open FS and I find... THIS!
WOW!!! I take my brain (=hat, in other days) off to you, master!
I'm still being a silly learner, I know, and for a long time here.
Comment by elmoyenique 5th September 2013
This may become a new design concept for FS t-shirt :)
Comment by architaraz 5th September 2013
I want one of that!
Comment by elmoyenique 5th September 2013
ok so thalamic does THAT when he's bored? looking forward to seeing the things he does when he is really motivated... ;-)

oh. wait, i just had a look at the other fontstructions... :-D
Comment by laynecom 5th September 2013
Like tiles on the bottom of a swimming pool distorted by the ripples on the water surface. Powerful samples.
Comment by four 5th September 2013
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “fs Bored” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 9th September 2013
Thank you.
Comment by thalamic 11th September 2013
Comment by thalamic 23rd September 2013
Awesome pic there. Is it handmade?
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 26th September 2013
Yes. Acrylic on canvas.

Comment by thalamic 26th September 2013
You are always awesome, master!
Comment by elmoyenique 26th September 2013
I missed this beauty (away on holiday). It's so typical of Ata's work ... initially it looks fairly straightforward - then you start to see the detail that makes it so good. A big 10/10++++
Comment by p2pnut 27th September 2013
Thanks, elmoyenique.
Thanks, Ray.
Comment by thalamic 27th September 2013
This fontstruction has been completely redone. Every glyph is new, sharing the earlier one's basic idea. All internal lines are also curves now. There's not a single straight edge to be found anywhere here. Everything still lines up in all directions. Hopefully, this is an improvement on the last one.
Comment by thalamic 29th September 2013
Comment by thalamic 29th September 2013
Wow! How to make something great even better ... I wish I could give it another 10 (at least)
Comment by p2pnut 29th September 2013
Thanks, Ray. Your comment is worth quite a few 10s already.
Comment by thalamic 29th September 2013
Super, but the "D" looks like J
Comment by kardaw 29th September 2013
Comment by four 29th September 2013

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