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I simple done b4 block font with "pinholes". enjoy and please rate.
Info: Created on 10th March 2012 . Last edited on 23rd March 2012.
License Creative Commons
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Guys please check this font out! Please rate and tell me what 2 fix thanx!

PS:happy? no threeadjacking and not using caps.
Comment by mpdr 10th March 2012
*thread jacking
Comment by mpdr 10th March 2012
Excellent. Q W g i j are not strong enough. Z needs to be flipped. 9/10.
Comment by demonics 11th March 2012
thanx for the feedback i will try 2 fix it :)
Comment by mpdr 11th March 2012
Cool! But, you need to fix some spacings. Like between H and I, h and i and j, k and l, 0 and 1. I think you gettin' better and bettr each day. Keep it up!
I think demonics has wrong, he said that Z need to be flipped. But, actually the z needs it.
Comment by cablecomputer 11th March 2012
I forget to rate, 10/10
Comment by cablecomputer 11th March 2012
@cablecomputer thanx! it was both z's i fixed the capital one!!! will fix lowercase one now!!
Comment by mpdr 11th March 2012
Nice chunky blockfont, definitely your best one so far!
9/10 from me!
A few questions you could consider to improve the font:
- Does k need an ascender?
- Should * and % be looked at again? (they are the only glyphs using curved bricks)
- Does the spacing on capital I, 1, i and l need to change in comparison with the rest?
- Could the descender of j tuck in under previous letter?
Keep up the good work mpdr!
Comment by four 11th March 2012
I would also consider to move the bottom block on the 4 to the far right...
Comment by four 11th March 2012
Good job, you're getting better! Some spacing adjustments still needed. I like the unique 4.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 11th March 2012
Your work is coming along well. 10/10

You need to pay a bit more attention to consistent spacing ... the i and l are one block to the right of the blue 'Left' line and need to be moved over. The j would also benefit from a bit of negative spacing - like this:
Comment by p2pnut 11th March 2012
I actually like the k. Now the only weak links are i j s. Although the k could be more tightly spaced.
Comment by demonics 11th March 2012
thanx!!! will try n fix rite now guys!!!
Comment by mpdr 12th March 2012
ok guys...took ur suggestions and touched it up. ive started on "more latin" should i finish?
Comment by mpdr 12th March 2012
Definitely - well worth finishing :)

Did you realise that you can copy all the Upper and lower case glyphs to 'More Latin'? You go to Menu/Advanced/Commands/Copy to Latin Accents. In this case it would overwrite the glyphs that you have done so far - but I think would be quicker in the long run.
Comment by p2pnut 12th March 2012
thnax p2pnut. did not know that!! will b usefull in the future.
Comment by mpdr 13th March 2012

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