zylone 0.6 eYe/FS

by elmoyenique

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Comment by elmoyenique 29th january 2011
i like this. it reminds me of sprues found on toys and other items. also an interesting script. the tabs or sprues also give it an asian feel. i like when a font mashes up different concepts to create something new. congrats. cool sample and font works very well.
Comment by funk_king 29th january 2011
@funk_king: I like how you interpret my work, maestro. Strangers or new glyph usually appear hidden in the simplest things around us... and are to be found and bring them to light. No matter that only a few are then converted into a usable font. Thanks for see my works.
Comment by elmoyenique 29th january 2011
Interesting font and interesting discussion Elmo, I'm still amazed how generally creators can be inspired by the real world around them, how they think they could adapt what they see to their medium and esthetic, and imagine a system to rebuild the sensation they had in the real world. I simply can't. My way to go is much more abstract, even if my work is often figurative : i have a dot, then a line, from some lines will slowly emerge a style, or fragments of figures, but it will always be something risky, not a modular system, nor an adaptation from the real world, it will slowly build a new little world (often figurative, but never like the real world) out of fragments of abstraction. That's why, whatever medium i use, i always create unusual things. And also why i'm not afraid to clone to get an already complex basis, because i know i will push it in a personal and completely different way, due to my different way of proceeding. Maybe my "neurones" are not connected like others, as an artist for all these years i try to make it a plus more than a minus. :0)
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 29th january 2011
Technically, neurones connect via synapses which are gaps, so nobody's neurones are truly "connected" per se.
Comment by 3moDuDe 30th january 2011
Creating modular yet connected scripts is fraught with challenges—of the geometric kind—that are not so easily overcome, which you have. Bravo.
Comment by minimum 30th january 2011
I like it very much. I agree with funk_king on both counts: the plastic toy with sprues and the oriental feel. To enhance the former, perhaps, you could make the space a long dash to connect the words, and see how it works. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 30th january 2011
Beautiful work. I'd have to agree with everything that everyone else has said. 10/10
Comment by Ken Bruce (crispycraker) 31st january 2011
Dear friends in FS: Don't worry about this. I want to change the name of this font: I don't like call it "zyklone" anymore, it smell like the horrible Zyklon B nazi's gas. I beg your pardon. From here to the eternity I want this font will be called just "zylone 0.6", please.
Comment by elmoyenique 31st january 2011
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “zylone 0.6” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 1st february 2011
@fk & @ne & @3moDuDe & @minimum & @Frodo7 & @crispycraker: Thank you very much for all your constructive comments. Without you all near me I can't build nothing. You all are the strenght spirit of this site, IMHO. Keep on running!
Comment by elmoyenique 2nd february 2011
@meek: Each TP is an impetus to try new things. Please continue to support this whole crazy gang on the block. Always yours.
Comment by elmoyenique 2nd february 2011
This path was walked before by Elementalist (see his font Beast-Queen Echidna at http://fontstruct.com/fontstructions/show/424945). Interesting FS crossings.
Comment by elmoyenique 5th february 2011

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