RuneScape Medium

by WolfieMario
See also #RS FFM by nineteeneightyfour.

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This font is used in the MMORPG RuneScape (c) Jagex Ltd. It is seen in the Lobby and various interfaces, as well as when you deal your maximum damage. Note that the infinity symbol (∞) has been placed in the location of the trademark sign (™), because FontStruct does not provide an infinity slot, and RuneScape does not have a TM sign. For these same reasons, the twelve TzHaar numbers are in the first twelve Extended Latin B characters (ƀƁƂƃƄƅƆƇƈƉƊƋ). The font contains all characters which may be said in RuneScape - even though many had to be improvised since they are not actually seen in-game (the only 100% guaranteed accurate characters are '()-0123456789:ABCDEFGHIKLMNOPQRSTUVWYabcdefghiklmnopqrstuvwz?áãçéêõü). Note that ∞, …, and TzHaar numbers cannot be said in-game, but are still included in this font. This font is intended for use in RS screenshot faking and RS videos.
Info: Created on 17th December 2009 . Last edited on 12th December 2010.
License Creative Commons
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Hey mate nice work!

I was wondering if you can be able to also add the bolded version too.

Like this font is like the one where it says "Forgotten Password" since its not bold.

But like for the main lobby it has "Register" in bold version.

Is it possible for you to make it?

Comment by Bucket 31st March 2010
Sorry, I'm afraid it would be rather difficult to make since it isn't used in too many places. The medium font at least has considerably many letters seen in-game (it's used sometime in-game in places like maps, not just in the lobby). I also was hoping that I was finally finished making RS fonts until Jagex changes something XD

The font you want isn't the medium font, instead it's a different font altogether. Unlike most fonts in RS, this one seems to be used at many different sizes and places, so I don't even think it was made by Jagex themselves. However, it bears a striking resemblance to Lucida Fax. If you use Lucida Fax in a fake, I doubt anyone would notice unless they examine it very closely :p
The best approximation I can give you for Lucida Fax (which is likely on your operating system by default; just scroll through the list until you see it) is, for most cases:
Lucida Fax Demibold, Size 15, NOT Bold, 110% Horizontal Scale, with size 18 for larger letters.
That works in most Adobe products. If you use MS Paint or a similar program, it is about sizes 11 (normal letters) and 14 (large letters); still bold. You can't get the right spacing without manually moving letters, though :s
If the font doesn't seem right that small (e.g. where it says "Click Here to Play" is much larger, but still the same font), feel free to experiment with it a little :p
Again, I'm sorry I can't go about making that font, but I'm pretty convinced it's some version of Lucida Fax - Jagex only uses the same font at multiple sizes if it's not one of their own fonts (e.g. I've seen various uses of Arial and Arial Black in RS before)
Comment by WolfieMario 6th April 2010
Nice Work!I used to play Runescape
Comment by 3killgor3 9th April 2011

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