Unknown Jurriaan Schrofer #1

by funk_king

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this was inspired by a font sample found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/insect54/2109838957. this was shared by Afrojet when he released his San Serious series. this is from the book 'Fodor Catalogue' designed by Wim Crouwel featuring works by Jurriaan Schrofer. thanks anTyp for providing clarity :)
Info: Created on 12th December 2009 . Last edited on 13th December 2009.
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Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.

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Hey Funk_king,
I was wondering how you make some lines darker than others. This font is pretty cool anyway.
Comment by Solduke 16th December 2009
@solduke. If you zoom in you will see that the darker lines are thicker (looks like three bricks thick) and the brighter lines are thinner (about one brick).
Comment by Christian Munk (CMunk) 16th December 2009
solduke, i generally use a filter setting of 2X2. the thinner lines are achieved by using a smaller square brick when using the line tool. the darker lines are achieved by using the full square brick when using the line tool. by using a 2X2 setting and the square bricks, different line thicknesses are the result :) cmunk, i'm sure the application of your analysis would yield the same results :)
Comment by funk_king 16th December 2009
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Unknown Crouwel #1” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by gferreira_admin 29th December 2009
Jurriaan Schrofer is the author. Not Wim Crouwel.
Nice rendition anyway :)
Comment by anTyp 30th December 2009
anType, i believe Schrofer is the author of the book, but underneath the image from which i based the font, it states 'Designed by Wim Crouwel.' i will keep the attribution for the font, but have added acknowledgement for the author in the description. thanks.
Comment by funk_king 31st December 2009
It is not about the name of your FontStruction.
It is about who made what :)

AFAIK Crouwel was the one who designed the catalogs themselves—
he made the principal layout: logo, cover, grids, structure &c.
But what was inside the catalog is the information about
some other artists and designers. Fodor № 22, as seen on its cover (http://www.flickr.com/photos/insect54/2110623148/in/set-72157601884794691/), was about Jurriaan Schrofer and his work.

If you look for more examples of Schroefer type-things
you’ll see that it is not ”a font sample by Wim Crouwel“.

Cheers! Happy New Year!
Comment by anTyp 31st December 2009

Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.

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