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DOBINI BALWAUM (Inline) — Didone-style 18th century modern serif
Dobini Balwaum is a Didone, or modern, serif typefaces inspired by the works of Bodoni, Didot and Walbaum.

This font had been in the making for quite a long time as I ren into several design difficulties along the way. Most challenging parameter was the inline width. By default the width for the inline was set at 0.125 (or 1/8th) grid units.

Maintaining a constant width for the inline proved to be next to impossible. Therefor it evolves around a 'close' approximation of 0.125 units instead. Stroke weight for the letterform contours also proved to be somewhat of a constraining factor for the overall design concept. As it limits the ability to build complex geometry.

Due to the complexity in brick arrangements the font remains having some minor imperfections that I wasn't able to polish out so fat yet, and some may never will..

For now only Basic Latin letters, it remains a WIP

I hope you like it so far,



Comment by Sed4tives Sat, 17th february
Comment by Sed4tives Sat, 17th february

I am not a fan of the uneven digits height, but still this font is great, I would not imagine this was possible with Fontstruct.

Comment by Peter (Petruuccio) Sat, 17th february

Well, the reason I've chosen to make text figures the font's default style was because I tried to remain faithful to the 18th century time period. Most Didone-style typefaces such as 'Didot' and 'Walbaum' have non-lining figures as their default form. Oldstyle "non-lining" figures have lowercase alignment (featuring ascenders & descenders like regular lowercase letters) as opposed to this modern "lining" figures sit on the baseline and align with the uppercase letters.

I know that in more recent times the more popular became lining figures by default. That being said, professional fonts nowadays generally include both, but this only became possible since the arrival of modern digital typesetting systems.
These allowed encoding for both text and lining figures as OpenType alternate characters.

There is an additional set of alternative lining figures located in the "Halfwidth And Fullwidth Forms" Unicode block.


Comment by Sed4tives Sat, 17th february

Added some ligatures!

Comment by Sed4tives Sun, 18th february
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “STF_DOBINI BALWAUM” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Sun, 18th february

This is some amazing work as always, congrats on the TP!

Comment by moontr3 Sun, 18th february

@Dear Sed4: Double Congratulations, for the TP and for the font itself! I really liked this one, you already knew that, but now that I see it finished (or almost, with you there are always improvements) I like it much more! Fine, elegant, wearable... it has all the cards to be a winner! Without taking anything away from everything said above, I would also like to present for your consideration some small suggestions about the J, the y and the number 2 (and perhaps some other less intense ones that may come later). Great work, I say it once again, and with many possibilities IMHO.

Comment by elmoyenique Sun, 18th february

@RobMeek: Thank you so much for the pink star of appreciaton boss, that 'll keep the engine running!

Comment by Sed4tives Sun, 18th february

@elmoyenique: As you might have noticed earlier, the exact three glyphs that you just proposed did already had several slight modified forms included in the font. But even with all the variations present I still couldn't fully get satisfied and settle with one of the results for the designated glyphs.

So yours came as an absolute blessing, and is greatly appreciated my good old brother-in-bricks. I attempted to rebuild and incorporate your recommendations  into the font.

Je vous remercie beaucoup!

Comment by Sed4tives Sun, 18th february
Comment by Sed4tives Sun, 18th february

@elmoyenique: These are my additions towards your proposal. 

— ¡Muchas gracias!

Comment by Sed4tives Sun, 18th february
Comment by Sed4tives Mon, 19th february

You're welcome, compa. Pretty additions and a nice mini-poster describing  the main characteristics of the font. Thanks, Sed4.

Comment by elmoyenique Mon, 19th february

Such great work. Thinking outside the grid!

Comment by four Mon, 19th february

excellent work, some of the cleanest letters ever

Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) Mon, 19th february

the font for "cap height" "ascent" "x-height" "baseline" and "decent" in the picture was the font you created but nice font 100/10

this looks like didone but yeah

Comment by SUMMER701 Tue, 20th february

Really amazing work. Good job

I also want to ask that how can you make a composite block that only leaves empty space in a unit square?

Comment by NWKS405 Wed, 21st february

@NWKS405 - You can remove bricks from a composite by erasing them.  Detailed instructions are found here under the section titled Composite Bricks with padding:

FontStruct 2.0 Update

Comment by Goatmeal Wed, 21st february

Many changes were made during the latest update. I composed an info-graphical image in which I neurotically wrote down this heavily "over-composed" but detailed in-depth description for the font... and beyond.

More graphical samples will be included next time..


Comment by Sed4tives Sat, 2nd march
Comment by Sed4tives Sat, 2nd march
Comment by Sed4tives Sat, 2nd march


Comment by rayanH14 Wed, 6th march
Comment by Sed4tives Fri, 8th march

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