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Aa: Argentina, Australia

Bb: Brazil, Bangladesh

Cc: China, Canada

Dd: Germany, Denmark

Ee: Spain, Ethiopia

Ff: France, Finland

Gg: Greece, Ghana

Hh: Hungary, India

Ii: Italy, Indonesia

Jj: Japan, Jamaica

Kk: South Korea, Kenya

Ll: Latvia, Lithuania

Mm: Mexico, Malaysia

Nn: Norway, Netherlands

Oo: Oman, Austria

Pp: Poland, Pakistan

Qq: Qatar, Guatemala

Rr: Russia, Romania

Ss: Sudan, Saudi Arabia

Tt: Turkey, Thailand

Uu: United States, Ukraine

Vv: Venezuela, Vietnam

Ww: Belarus, Sweden

Xx: United Kingdom, Israel

Yy: Yemen, Iceland

Zz: Zambia, Zimbabwe

I will add more in the future...


Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Flags” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Thu, 11th january

Fantastic pixel flags!! Congrats on the well deserved TP! 10+❤️!

Comment by elmoyenique Thu, 11th january

I wonder how you managed to add a ninth layer to the font when the limit is eight?

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) Thu, 11th january

@BWM: where did you find color 9? did you count white?

Comment by Dmitriy Sychiov (Sychoff) Fri, 12th january

@Sychoff The color white was included in my count.

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) Fri, 12th january

Please add Ukraine, Israel, and more!

Comment by James Holmes (HolmesTheGreat2003) Fri, 12th january

Yes! another top pick! :) thank you all. I will definitely add more

Comment by Luuk Mölders Fri, 12th january



   e F

Comment by Lucaprii 'ss altt (digitalio) Fri, 12th january


can there be a dotted brick in a colour and the background in another?

Comment by Lucaprii 'ss altt (digitalio) Fri, 12th january

yes good idea I dotted the Bengali flag for a more accurate green color

Comment by Luuk Mölders Fri, 12th january

The Switzerland and UAE flags are probably possible with the colors you have, but I am not sure about Saudi Arabia's flag as it is so detailed where there is text given the size of the squares in the font

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) Fri, 12th january

will you add scandinavian flagfs

Comment by Lucaprii 'ss altt (digitalio) Sat, 13th january

Portugal for lowercase p!

Comment by Ptles Sat, 13th january

pakistan got ift first

Comment by Lucaprii 'ss altt (digitalio) Sat, 13th january


Comment by Scarfi Sun, 14th january

Quebec for lowercase q!

Comment by Ptles Sun, 14th january

Definetly a top pick! :)

Comment by MIne04craf And TheRealWizard (cigic57481) Sun, 14th january


quebec is a canadian state.

Comment by Lucaprii 'ss altt (digitalio) Sun, 14th january

I wonder if there are plans to do every single country and state flag that exists?

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) Sun, 14th january

what's iphone land? does it exist

Comment by Lucaprii 'ss altt (digitalio) Tue, 16th january

As someone from the UK, I approve

Comment by Z3ddy2023 Wed, 17th january


Comment by cigerimdunyadakalan Fri, 19th january

Great work!

Comment by Ultronimation2023 Sun, 28th january

Good job!

Comment by Ultronimation2023 Sun, 28th january

Awesome my country is in here! [I]

Comment by Ultronimation2023 Sun, 28th january

Ugh wrong thing I meant [i]

Comment by Ultronimation2023 Sun, 28th january

Please add the Philippines!!

Comment by Heaven Castro Tue, 20th february

You can add more flags.

Comment by Ultronimation2023 Fri, 8th march


Comment by Jeyco Adrian Monge Tue, 26th march

Make it better so use region indicator symbols instead.

Comment by SFBTEF23GotCatrinityFont Tue, 9th april

Hello, @SFBTEF23GotCatrinityFont ,
I'm afraid that in FontStruct, it is not possible to make characters affect others.

Comment by Europe2048 Tue, 9th april

@Europe2048 That is until Meek adds support for OpenType features in FontStruct. For the time being, one should use Glyphs (Mac Only), FontLab (Windows and Mac), or FontForge (Windows, Mac, and Linux) to implement the features.

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) Tue, 9th april

@Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) Do you want Rob Meek to add support for Open Type features?

Comment by SFBTEF23GotCatrinityFont Fri, 19th april

@SFBTEF23GotCatrinityFont That would be a great thing, but the question is How will Meek implement it?

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) Fri, 19th april

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