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Comment by BWM Thu, 25th march
Comment by BWM Sun, 28th march

Your ⟨Ы⟩ and ⟨Ь⟩ are the wrong way around.

Comment by TH3_C0N-MAN Mon, 29th march

@Th3_C0n-Man It's fixed now. Thanks for noticing. I wasn't fully awake when I added cyrillic…

Comment by BWM Mon, 29th march

why didnt you add lowercase letters?

Comment by Sorenwds Tue, 6th april

There is no such thing as letter "D" in the Cyrillic script. Check your Russian text for typos!

Comment by Frodo7 Wed, 7th april

@Frodo7 It's a variant of the letter Д, mainly used in cursive writing as far as I know… Also, the sample is when I accidentaly had the letters Ы and Ь swapped around…

@Sorenwds I'm not sure if a lowercase is going to be possible at the time. I'll think about it in the future…

Comment by BWM Wed, 7th april

The correct glyph is "Д". Your font is not cursive. Yes, the "Ы" was missing. You'd better fix your font before the native Russians see it.

Comment by Frodo7 Wed, 7th april

Yeah, I was gonna say that the ⟨Д⟩ is a little bit out of place. It is true that that style is used in cursive writing. But I’ve never seen it in a serif font before.

Comment by TH3_C0N-MAN Wed, 7th april

Agree about D. This font also has a problem with У, it shouldn't be made of Х, with such a big leg.

Comment by Dmitriy Sychiov (Sychoff) Wed, 7th april

@Frodo, Th3_C0n-Man: I have changed Д (I drew out ideas until I found one that I really like). I also noticed that the contrast on the И and Й had been reversed so I also changed that to follow the design's rules…

@Dmitriy: Д was already changed when you commented that. I'm unsure how to improve У: I'm not sure how it normally looks in an Art Deco font. If you have suggestions for it, make sure to include a sample…

I also added the other Cyrillic Accents (plus Ґ for Ukranian support)

Comment by BWM Wed, 7th april
Comment by BWM Fri, 9th april

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