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    Created on 4th May 2009. Last edited on 4th August 2009.
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Comment by jmarquez 4th may 2009
luv it!
Comment by funk_king 4th may 2009
Comment by aphoria 4th may 2009
Very unique and elegant!
Comment by Magic Sam 4th may 2009
What a fresh concept!

Even though I would reconsider some numerals (1,2,5 and 7)...
Comment by Em42 4th may 2009
Comment by afrojet 4th may 2009
Frickin' awesome.
Comment by SquarePeg 5th may 2009
You really raised the bar with this one. 10/10
Great execution on this one. I had attempted experiments like this with individual bricks that failed miserably. Well done!
Comment by geneus1 5th may 2009
I'm thinking dominoes. Very nice font.
Comment by Christian Munk (CMunk) 5th may 2009
Wow, I wasn’t expecting this kind of reaction, THX a bunch to you all!

@ Em42: yes the “2” and “5” sharp corners are not very viable. I’ll look around for inspiration trough round geometric numerals, and see what comes up. Changing the “1” and “7” will be a bit more difficult.
Comment by jmarquez 5th may 2009
Improved "2" and "5"
Comment by jmarquez 5th may 2009
I like the way the straight corner is solved in the t bar: I would have tried also something like that.

But again, that is just my opinion :)
Comment by Em42 6th may 2009
@ Em42: You have to notice that the “f” and “t” horizontal crossbars are not dependent of a round corner. But in the numerals it's a different story, BTW the alternates “2” and “5” run a tiny bit horizontally off the grid.
What do you all think?
Comment by jmarquez 6th may 2009
What about this (note that I used Photoshop to create the image, so I don't know if the bricks will fit correctly):

Comment by Em42 6th may 2009
Yep! That’s the key.
The "5" is the same as the original so it fits the grid, the "2"'s only issue is with the horizontal crossbar, it’s a tiny bit shorter than the grid but I don't think it's noticeable.
THX a lot for your help.
Comment by jmarquez 6th may 2009
lol, still wasn't happy with the 5 so I updated it like the 2.
One more time Thank you Em42.
Comment by jmarquez 6th may 2009
You're welcome! :)
Comment by Em42 7th may 2009
I agree with CMunk. Dominoes!!!
Super job. Very unique :)
Comment by grant 9th may 2009
thats awesome
Comment by raychelle97 23rd may 2009
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Eyelash” is now the current Featured FontStruction.
Comment by gferreira_admin 26th june 2009
OMG OMG OMG I can't believe this...lol
thx gferreira you rock dude!

ps: só por acaso és lusofono?
Comment by jmarquez 26th june 2009
I always thought the concept and execution of this wonderful fontstruction is top notch. You really should go ahead and try to do capitals. It works with the numbers so there's no reason why it wouldn't work with capitals.
Comment by David Neustadt (saberrider) 26th june 2009
Ok Saberrider your comment made me take the chance, please tell me what you think about the UC's cause I'm not too sure about some of them.
Comment by jmarquez 29th june 2009
added some diacritics too...
Comment by jmarquez 29th june 2009
first of all: it's awesome you did it. i like the Y solution very much.
I think a classic T would work better. The V is again victim of the fontstruct grid limitations. I think a V like shown below could make it more readable.
Other than that it works really well. Great job.
Comment by David Neustadt (saberrider) 3rd july 2009
THX for the tips I've updated it, used the "V" tip on the "W" too.
Comment by jmarquez 3rd july 2009
Cool. :) I think you forgot to change the v though. In general i think you could make the u look like the v looks at the moment, with the fully rounded stroke i mean. in my opinion you should lose the little descending stem at all. a fully rounded Uu will distinct it more from that Vv. The little ascending stem on M and N works well, but you don't have it on m and n. I wouldn't change the lower case here. So if you're crazy about consistency you might think about removing the ascending stem from the upper case MN.
Comment by David Neustadt (saberrider) 3rd july 2009
This is a great font! but it would be great to use international symbols such as ¥, and £. But other than that 10/10
Comment by Harmful 6th july 2009
me encanta esta fuente, en especial los numeros y las minusculas.

El unico simbolo que no veo tan bien es @, pero te doy un 10
Comment by fodkito 6th july 2009
very nicE!
Comment by paulbeckers 6th july 2009
very nicE!
Comment by paulbeckers 6th july 2009
But I'm keeping the Uc's "M" and "N" as they are for now, thx for the tips Saberrider.

thx for the other coments too.
as for the requested symbols: the @ already exists, and currecy symbols might be here soon.
Comment by jmarquez 6th july 2009
Comment by pita 7th july 2009
How do you clone fonts?
Comment by vek555 9th july 2009
The ability to clone a font is dependent on the license the author has selected for it. If cloning is available, a Clone button will appear by the Download and Embed buttons.

This font is not clonable.
Comment by aphoria 9th july 2009
OMG OMG OMG, Eyelash now has a full set of capitals...! :-)

I'm very happy you did this, and the result looks very good. I can see you have made the main module for the caps wider... very smart.

If you allow me two suggestions:

1. The ascenders of this typeface are quite long, and you've made the caps to match the ascender height, so the capitals are quite big in relation to the x-height. I think your design could benefit from having smaller capitals, somewhere between x-height and ascenders – this would make the text image more compact and enhance the nice black&white effect.

2. More white space between the letters – this would make words more pleasing to read.

I have a lot more comments, but I'll save them for another round... Keep on the good work!

PS: Sim, sou brasileiro.
Comment by gferreira_admin 17th july 2009
1. fixed UC's height.
2. added space between letter's.
3. fico muito contente por seres lusofono, eu cá sou Português.
4. thx for the comments.
5. ready for round 2!
Comment by jmarquez 20th july 2009
Great work on the shorter capitals. And what a lovely ampersand!

Some little things you might want to look at: the @ is too big; £ is too wide; 1 & 7 could use a square corner at the top-right; same for top-right & bottom-left of Z and z.
Comment by gferreira_admin 3rd august 2009
updated thx again ferreira!
what do you think about the UC's "M" & "N"?
Comment by jmarquez 3rd august 2009
I like the current M & N – I think it makes sense to have them different than the lowercase.
Comment by gferreira_admin 6th august 2009
Great Minds Think Alike...^^
Comment by jmarquez 6th august 2009
I have been working on a "rounded shape stroke version" of "Eyelash"
Anyone think this is worth the effort?
Comment by jmarquez 12th august 2009
I do...keep going!
Comment by aphoria 12th august 2009
I like it even more than Eyelash. Do continue.

Your new icon 8 is super cool.
Comment by thalamic 13th august 2009
Yes, by all means do it.
Comment by Christian Munk (CMunk) 14th august 2009
Very happy to announce that Eyelash is featured in the book “TYPE FONTBAT” published by Japanese publishing company BNN Inc.
Comment by jmarquez 3rd september 2009
Comment by Magic Sam 3rd september 2009
Wow! That's international recognition. Congratulations!
Comment by Frodo7 3rd september 2009
Hey, my Punched Out is gonna be in there too! Looks like we're fontstructionizing Japan... ;)
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 3rd september 2009
Hey, Very nice work! My font "convention" is also due to be in Type Fontbat. Im looking forward to see the book
Comment by JoeAllison 3rd september 2009
THX to all!
And congrats to you too, Shasta and JoeAllison!
I wonder how many fonstructions will appear on the book :)
Comment by jmarquez 3rd september 2009
Talking about that... How about a fontstruct only book? Some sort of an annual "Best Of" with professional samples of the designs and a CD containing all the font files, quite in the style of this BNN series? This years output would easily fill a book even if you only take the top of the top picks. I wonder if we'd find a design-oriented publishing company that could be motivated for such a project...
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 3rd september 2009
self-publishing is also an option. you can get the same quality as a regularly published book. i've never done it but plenty of website out there for those interested. sounds like a great idea. of course a fair amount of work would have to be done, but still, i like it :)
Comment by funk_king 3rd september 2009
"The Best of Fontstruct 2009" would be awesome!!!
Comment by jmarquez 3rd september 2009
Congratulations ... great to see good work being recognised (that goes to shasta and JoeAllison as well).
Comment by p2pnut 3rd september 2009
I've been thinking about such a book for a long time. I have a number of designers and their exemplary works in my mind, and that number is growing way too fast! In the beginning I thought about a non-profit eBook version to comply the strictest license, and reduce the costs to almost zero. But later it dawned on me it could be a much bigger hit. Let's do it!
Comment by Frodo7 3rd september 2009
re: publishing book - interested parties should review lulu.com or other self-publishing sites. the rates looks fairly reasonable to manufacture. putting together would be easy enough by uploading pics for each page. i think the main issues would be:
1: who decides who participates?
2: how many designers and designs would be included?
3: who selects the fonts to?
4: number of pages for each participant?
5: fees to participate - these would cover manufacturing costs
6: profit participation - would each participant get a cut if profits are made and who would administer this?

the financials are always the tricky part. as far as pages, each designer would be responsible for creating their own samples for each page and maybe everyone participating would have input into the basic layout/design of book and look/feel of samples.

also would the book be 'fontstruct - in the beginning until now' or should there be an annual created for 2008 and 2009?

just some preliminary questions and things to think about... :)
Comment by funk_king 3rd september 2009
Lots of questions to be answered, but I think a FS book is a fantastic idea.
Comment by aphoria 3rd september 2009
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Eyelash” is now a current Featured FontStruction.
Comment by gferreira_admin 24th december 2009
one day I hope I can figure out how to create those kinds of bricks
Comment by fartheststar 9th september 2012


Comment by TimocomlitaFontermaker 14th september 2016
Comment by jmarquez 16th september 2016


Comment by chupimle 22nd february 2018

Nice domino font! Though I'll reconsider some letters (M, N, V, W).

Comment by Europe2048 28th october 2023

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