by aphoria

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    Created on 17th April 2009. Last edited on 30th June 2009.
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Use the lines in [, ], {, and } to tie letters together.
Comment by aphoria 26th april 2009
The UC are solid, the LC are stencil-y.

To type it:


Comment by aphoria 26th april 2009
Instant ligatures! Very cool.
Comment by Stelios Constantinides (sconstantinides) 26th april 2009
Very cool indeed.
BTW how did you manage that mirrored “oo” connection in your sample?
Comment by jmarquez 27th april 2009
Thanks emepar7 and jmarquez.

To get ROOM like that, I typed:

Comment by aphoria 27th april 2009
Ups…it’s not exactly mirrored! My bad.
Still very interesting.
Comment by jmarquez 27th april 2009
I am trying to remix a fontstruction of mine in a ligature-ish way like this and you just gave me a nice tip on how to solve some major issues! thx!
Comment by cayo 28th april 2009
@cayo Glad to help. I can't wait to see your new font.
Comment by aphoria 28th april 2009
This is great!
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 12th june 2013
@ master aphoria: Forgive me, please! It's just the same idea! Convergent thinking, i suppose... My font is too close to yours! I can delete my font if it's that you want. No problemo.
Comment by elmoyenique 12th june 2013
@elmoyenique No! That wasn't my intent. Your font just reminded me of mine...I like your characters better too.

Please don't delete or hide yours.
Comment by aphoria 12th june 2013

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