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Info: Created on Sat, 28th December . Last edited on Mon, 9th March.
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Awesome how this f connects like a ligature..

Comment by Sed4tives Sat, 8th February

«ж» и «к» — не с ног на голову, не так ли?

Comment by TH3_C0N-MAN Sat, 8th February

Shouldn't [ru]y[/ru] have a kratka and not a .... whatever that is?

Comment by Merrybot Sun, 9th February


This form is perfectly acceptable in handwriting.

Also, writing “[ru]” is a bit confusing to me. Here is a list of Cyrillic letters that you can copy and paste.


Comment by TH3_C0N-MAN Sun, 9th February

@TCM Okay then, thanks.  

Comment by Merrybot Sun, 9th February

Did you know that in Certain Cyrillic Languages (such as Ukrainian), Г is pronounced like an H…

Comment by BWM Mon, 10th February


I was confused for a second because my brain was in Russian mode and I thought that you meant that it’s pronounced like an: “N” (because “Н” is “N”). But yes, I don’t think that it’s exactly like our “H”, but close to it. I think that even in modern Greek, Gamma is like this.

The only time that it happens in standard Russian is in the word: “бог”. In other cases, “Г” is pronounced like a “V”, such as: “нового” and “хорошего” and “сегодня”. But interestingly, it’s pronounced like a “G” in: “снеговик”. You basically need to know the word’s etymology to know how to pronounce it. Still it’s much better than English I’m sure that you’ll agree.

Comment by TH3_C0N-MAN Mon, 10th February

@TCM That was a Latin h I typed BTW…

Comment by BWM Mon, 10th February


Well yeah. Obviously I realised that.

Comment by TH3_C0N-MAN Tue, 11th February

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