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Circa 1980 New York subway trains with Single-Letter Top-To-Bottom Whole Cars. Two cars on DeTrayne are dedicated to influential graffiti artists that have passed away way too soon. Dondi, from New York, was a master of readable and wildstyle letterforms, whole-car masterpieces, colorful backgrounds and characters. He was also a pioneer in taking his art from the subway to art galleries worldwide. Dondi passed on October 2, 1998 from complications from AIDS. On this day, Feb. 17, in the year 2000, legendary San Francisco Bay Area graffiti artist, Dream, was robbed and killed at gunpoint. It was a major loss, not just for the bay area, but the worldwide graffiti art community. One of Dream's most famous pieces, "Best of Both Worlds," displayed a mastery of two intricate west coast styles that raised the bar in defining a graffiti "king." A testament to his greatness is his memorial wall in Daly City that still stands untouched to this day, and includes tribute pieces from artists that have traveled from all over the world to contribute. It was a great honor to have worked on a music video that served as a tribute to Dream, and brought his family, friends, and his crew TDK together again for a celebration of his life and art. Graffiti art has been a major influence on me and every typographic creation I develop. Out of everything I've publicly shared, this fontstruction is the most meaningful and defining for me. Hi, I am Geneus1: digital graffiti artist.


For all graffiti artists out there. Special thanks to another graffiti artist, kix, for the skylines backdrop.

(sorry about the speed of the sample, i had to lower the frame rate in order for it to display properly)
Comment by geneus1 17th february 2009
thanks for letting me be just a little part of this HUGE masterpiece!

there are absolutely NO words for what i'm feeling right now, and how DEEEEPLY impressed i am.
Dude, you MAKE my day.

*how do you always manage to keep'em downloadable. In case of my couch version of MULTIVERSE, i always get an error saying something like:
Error in generating fontstruction!

Comment by kix 17th february 2009
Comment by funk_king 17th february 2009
this is greatness.
thanks a lot for sharing your emotions.

thanks for the peace-sign.
Comment by guentersen 17th february 2009
This is a Fontstruct doctoral thesis and beautiful tribute rolling down the tracks of greatness. I believe Dondi would have been stoked on Fontstruct.
Comment by afrojet 17th february 2009
Comment by thalamic 17th february 2009
great one!
Comment by cam.ill 17th february 2009
Incredible work, Gene... And the animation rocks!

(I watched both "Style Wars" and "Bomb It" just a few months ago, and this is a great tribute -- not just to Dondi and Dream, but, as you say, to all graffiti artists.)
Comment by SquarePeg 17th february 2009
Comment by Branimir Kolarek (kolarek) 18th february 2009
Too much complexity for me to comment... 10!
Comment by Em42 18th february 2009
this is awesome!
Comment by laynecom 18th february 2009
This one is really cool.
Where can I buy a ticked?lol
Comment by jmarquez 18th february 2009
Awesome font and ultra cool sample.
Comment by aphoria 18th february 2009
This is rather incredible. How did you make the sample?
Comment by Stelios Constantinides (sconstantinides) 18th february 2009
Deep thanks to everyone and the warm reception from everyone getting on DeTrayne. It really means a lot to me.

@kix: I knew you'd dig this from the first time that you shared this. Really glad you enjoy it.

I'm not entirely sure what breaks the Fontstructor. Coincidentally, the first iteration of DeTrayne was probably one of the first fontstructions to break the Save function due to the number of bricks used back in May of last year. Fortunately, Meek was able to salvage most of it, but I eventually reconstructed the whole thing for 2x scale. Meek is the first one I go to w/ any problems (unfortunately for Meek).

@guentersen: Thank you for the inspiration. The peace sign was actually the last addition to the train.

@afrojet: Thanks. It certainly felt that it took as long as your average doctoral thesis.

@SquarePeg: "Style Wars" was a pivotal film for me. I can't say enough praise about it. I also have to give respect to Tony Silver, the director of the film who passed away last year. I'll have to check out "Bomb It." A really good SF graf documentary is "Piece By Piece."

@Em42: This is as complex as it gets for me in terms of the number of bricks used. There are over one hundred total. (I know that probably makes you uneasy ;-) There is probably an expectation for me to put out more complex creations such as this, but I think I'll have to release some small simple ones just to balance things out.

@emepar7: The sample was easily and quickly done in Adobe After Effects using only letters in the font for the animation. The $, %, ^, &, * glyphs contain the doors opening and closing. The train movement is one line of text scrolling from right to left with the sold black train used as the background gradient fill. And kix's skylines adorns the background. The animation is output as an animated gif, but I think there may be a 1 MB file size limitation to post on the discussion boards here.
Comment by geneus1 19th february 2009
The train is really riding when you let it pass by.
Great one, roll on!
Comment by patricknas 20th february 2009
This is an awesome font, anyone who voted this less than a 10 is either jealous or just trolling!
Comment by Loman 22nd february 2009
Very well done! I like the detailed and creative variations! This is very impressive!

But I have a suggestion:
For easier usage it would quite be nice to make a document, containing a table with information about which wagon is assigned to which letter or sign. This would be very good for the none-alphanumeric ones! Of course there are tool, which make this unnecessary, but it would be a really cool feature for some of your fans, who don't know about such things!
Comment by Handfratze 6th march 2009
Thanks, patricknas & Loman.

@Handfratze: Thanks for the comment and suggestion. Sorry for the delay.


A Subway car plain
B Top-2-Bottom Bubble Right
C Geneus Graf
D Top-2-Bottom Bubble Left
E Middle Bubbles
F R.I.P. Dondi
G R.I.P. Dream

space half length underline track
, heart
@ bubble cloud pattern
underline empty track

* Full Doors Open
# Bottom Clouds
$ Full Doors Closed
% Doors Opening 25%
^ Doors Open 50%
& Doors Open 75%

( Bottom Clouds Right
) Bottom Clouds Left
+ Blank Car
- half length underline track

: Peace sign
; Open Window Subway car
less Left side train destroyed
= Mid train destroyed
greater Right side train destroyed
[ Full Car Cloud wave left
\ Full Cloud car
] Full Car Cloud wave right
` Full Car Silhouette
{ Paint Drips Right
| Full Car Paint Drips
} Paint Drips Left
Comment by geneus1 19th april 2009
Comment by jinx 10th august 2009
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “DeTrayne” is now a current Featured FontStruction.
Comment by gferreira_admin 24th december 2009
The way this font pans out, it really reminds me of funk_king's work. The graffiti is so realistic and stylizes that I would think it was real!
Comment by ssaamm 17th january 2010
thanks ssaamm and perhaps i had some minor influence here, but geneus1's talent is wholly original and consummate. if anything, i have been inspired by his ground-breaking works which continue to amaze and perplex me. i know you meant no disrespect, but gene is in a class by himself :)
Comment by funk_king 17th january 2010
Geneus1, you're such a true genius. I thought that each time I saw your fonts.
Comment by cocobarracuda 18th march 2010
What an excellent and beautifully crafted design - the sample is really the icing on the cake!

Somehow I had missed this ... thank you cocobarracuda for bring it forward again.
Comment by p2pnut 19th march 2010
I have missed this train too. Wow, c'est génial Gene! Nice tribute to the late graffiti artists. Awesome demo GIF. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 19th march 2010
RESPECT ! From the first generation of Graffiti Artists, my most beloved are undoubtly BLADE and KOOR, I'm so fond of their work ! they, both, each with their own path, very clear and impacted for BLADE, pushed to the limits of complexity and hallucinatory for KOOR, escaped from the standard street feeling, to get to an absolutely original world of galactic, alien, abstract sensations exploring and exploding in pure genious ! Dear Geneous 1, do you like BLADE and KOOR, did you feel the same shivering in the spine like I do each time I see their work ?
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 20th march 2010
Last month, the City of Oakland officially proclaimed February 17th, 2010, "DREAM DAY" in honor of graffiti king Mike "Dream" Francisco. I can't remember a time when a big city paid such homage to a graffiti artist. That was a groundbreaking event. I was deeply upset to have missed the celebration this year. Sadly, the event was also to benefit Dream's son, who recently lost his mother to breast cancer. Peace to Akil and his extended family.

Lots of belated responses.
@jinx. Thanks. BTW, I wanted to show some respect back to one of the youngest prolific fontstructors on here.
@gferreira. Thanks for twice the blessings.
@ssaamm. One of the things that inspired DeTrayne was the original FontStruct Preview widget. This was when it scrolled from right to left, instead of up and down as it is now. The creation date of the original DeTrayne is dated April 18th, 2008, before Funk King graced us with his presence. It was completed on May 7th, 2008, but the train crashed at the last save and was rendered unusable. Bricks were transposed all over the place, and although Meek was able to salvage the fontstruction, it was reverted to an earlier version that didn't include the final letters. Many glyphs still contained mixed bricks and it took a long time to get it back to its original form. Since I knew it would take a lot of work already, I decided to upscale the filters. If you've ever tried to scale a large fontstuction from 1:1 to 2:2, you know how arduous a task it can be. This is probably why I use 2:2 filters 90% of the time - it alleviates that process.
@funk_king. Always a constant inspiration from your creativity and unstoppability. While DeTrayne was being repaired, I did notice the similarity in some of the vehicular fonstructions that you released along the way, most notably in Wagon Train, Cart Before the Horse, and Add Van.
@cocobarracuda. Thanks. I hope that my work inspires you to draw out the genius in yourself.
@p2pnut. Thank you, kind sir. And that's not just showing respect to my elder, but for one of the most respectful fontstructors out there.
@Frodo7. Merci beaucoup!
@neurone error. For me, SEEN will always be king of the world. BLADE has always been respected as a pioneer of top-to-bottom whole car pieces. KOOR I'm not as familiar with, but at first glance seems to have a good balance between artistry and calligraphy. I tend to be a purist in the old school sense, valuing structural foundations of letterforms in both wild style and readable pieces. In talking with some other old school graff heads, I was in agreement in acknowledging there are a lot of really great abstract illustrators now, but their letterforms are severely lacking. But all new styles reveal the expansive and unexpected directions of this transformative art form.
Comment by geneus1 20th march 2010

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