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An awkward name perhaps, for an odd little, simple version of an  "LED Screen-slash-Scoreboard-Style Capitals Only" font... (I plan on adding the Extended ASCII, Soon™)

Years ago, I contacted the author of a similar-styled font, to ask specifically for Commercial Use of his font, that looked somewhat like this one (I have been using it "Officially" at my Blog since then).

Today, I found Fontstruct and thought "why don't I make my own version this font, not only for my own use, but for others to possibly use as well?".

And so, here is an 'LED Screen' or 'Dot Matrix' style font (also usable as a 'Pixel style' font) - with punctuation and a couple of 'accents' - but capitals only, as traditional LED Screens or Scoreboards ("Score Screens") would have used; made for you, on this wonderful, easy-to-use interface, Fontstruct.

I plan on making many more, including finishing those I started on my own in other font-creation applications!

I am 'Troy from The Game Tips And More Blog', by the way, heh

Feel free to Comment below (Suggestions, Questions, And More) or contact me via e-mail, at: 


Usage License:

You are free to utilize this font for ANY purpose whatsoever, including Commercial Use and Monetization of any kind, Royalty-Free; the only condition being that you mention my name somewhere, anywhere, during use of this font.



Hi, and welcome! Actually, this is a common dot-matrix font. (The LED wording being more about the circular style of its elements, but your already suggested this.)

• 5 characters ("MNW/\") look a tad bolder than expected from the rest (esp. vs. the thin "&" for instance).

• Your 6-dot-wide matrix made your choose the left vertical bar, as a solution between others (right or/and slanted), it's OK to me.

• The numerics contrast intentionally and conveniently thanks to their quite square shape (except "7" unfortunately).

• It looks like a complete US-ASCII font (and no duplicate, except for 1| and all the lowercase, which is quite feasible).

• When you said “accents”, I first believed “diacritics” (these spacing characters are no longer *euphemism* modifying the letters).

• I'm sure you can improve these (derived) characters. You can even complete the US-ASCII and its old/outdated extensions if there's a demand.

Well done!

Comment by dpla 12th november 2017


Thank you for your kind and informative input! Some of the terms you used I did not fully understand (I am not familiar with terms of Typography, yet) - but I will look them up! 

Yes, I will work on improving these characters you mentioned. I made so many changes during the creation of the font, that I had to rename this font "2.0" upon release (but it is my first creation of a font)... It was quite difficult (for me) to work with the limited matrix, yes. I did not think to utilize a larger workspace (grid) to make diagonals/etc easier, at the time.

I will experiement more with Fonts here, looking at the different elements of creation and see what else I can do, as well. Thanks again!

Comment by The Game Tips And More Blog 12th november 2017
Comment by dpla 13th november 2017


I'm sorry, I do not understand what that image is... Could you explain it with some text, please? Thank you, friend

Comment by The Game Tips And More Blog 13th november 2017

Oh, it just spots, in a few steps, what could be a valid US-ASCII in 6x9 (monospace layout - not mandatory but recommended here) :-)


Even longer?

(I already have commented tons of related lines that never got read in the past, hence the absence of description here - where AniGIFs got freezed without a comment for some reason b.t.w.).

All right:

• Blue = my lowercase addition;

• Red = out of grid (your LED matrix could be cheaper);

• Magenta = derived/redone glyph from yours.

Etc. colors (supposed to be self-explanatory).

A last thing you might have overlooked: the 'monospace hack' pertaining to the vertical bar… (1 = | are duplicates, e.g. if your empty LED screen displays a single of them, they look 100 % the same, which is very unsafe in communication, thus limits your context of use to e.g. computers).

My suggestions of fake 7-segment LCD numerics are for the pixel art of them (I'd rather get genuine digits in your font or in my version, because the original square style looks like a flaw of design).

I can detail more.

Comment by dpla 14th november 2017

Well… forgot to mention that the 'fixes' above utilize several hacks for the disambiguation… (e.g. rounded UC "A" vs e.g. rather square UC "B"). B.t.w. when I said: 'flaw of design', I meant that your square rule in the numerics did not show anywhere else (there are at least 4 subsets of characters here), which looks more than odd ('flawed', that is, even though I understood the underlying retro feeling you tried to achieve via this imported 7-segment style, which would only justify by the context -which one?-).


Here is my latest version below… a pretty clean 6x9 dot-matrix monospace US-ASCII font (I needn't fontstruct it either - anyone can build the TTF, it's a matter of minutes). I left no duplicate at all, even when turned into a proportional style (for 8x11 subpanels that would allow video inversion, like the latest frame of the aniGif above). This is a very rare usability (one can compare on the net). Free like yours with credit, of course (+ metadata again).

Such low-res fonts needn't years of design, just a couple of hours at most for these 94 characters, in a regular pixel editor. (FS = recreation :-))

Comment by dpla 14th november 2017
Comment by dpla 14th november 2017

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge! Nice font :)

Comment by The Game Tips And More Blog 14th november 2017

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