by mapsaregood

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An angular font with built-in ligatures for <f> and <j>. More punctuation and international support (hopefully) coming soon.


Nice one, but I think the font lacks the space character. Try tweaking it :)

Comment by Cookielord 30th march 2018

Sorry if I sound a bit daft, but how do I add a blank character for space? (Unless you're using the word "character" in the figurative sense, of course. :P)

Comment by mapsaregood 30th march 2018

Sorry, I meant tweaking the space (or you can say width) of the space character

Comment by Cookielord 30th march 2018

In FontStructor: Menu>View>letter width. The letter width is a thicker green line right of any glyph you made, and 3px right of the blue vertical on the "space bar" glyph. Drag the line to about half your usual glyph width & check in 'preview' that it looks good.

Comment by Aeolien 30th march 2018

Thanks! I've sorted the space issue out.

EDIT: ...and the sample has me using the wrong form of F and J in two places. Ah well, you can't win everything.

Comment by mapsaregood 30th march 2018

Looks good... why does the Cyrillic и (if that's и) have such a sharp edge? i think it could be the same as Latin u. What do you think about this?

Comment by Cookielord 30th march 2018

My first try at и was identical to Latin u, but I thought the bar could be moved higher up to make it more... и-y? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The sharp edge is a result of wanting contrast with н.\

now that i think about it i probably could've just made it identical and noöne would have noticed

Comment by mapsaregood 30th march 2018

About your first comment: there is no "daft" when we start. We all ask for advice as learning FS can get frustrating on one's own. FS functions, how to change the look of a font, using the "tools" others made save us time: all gets clearer with help ;)

Comment by Aeolien 30th march 2018

i guess cyrillic и is like between u and reversed N

Comment by JingYo 31st march 2018

actually i think the и is great now :)

I think the + and - doesn't have to be that fancy

Comment by JingYo 31st march 2018

I'm curious about the font's name :) Where did it come from?

Comment by Cookielord 31st march 2018

Leturfræði is the Icelandic word for typography. I figured the name, having non-English characters, would fit the font's (somewhat) goal of supporting several languages while still keeping internal consistency.

Comment by mapsaregood 31st march 2018
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “leturfræði” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 1st april 2018

Now with IPA (and Greek) support!

Comment by mapsaregood 7th april 2018

Congrats on the tp

Comment by Nayef Aljahdali (cybersean4u@gmail.com) Thu, 28th december

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