XB Serif

by anonymous-1466233

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Very interesting pixel design with slab serifs. The letters look very balanced for the most part, though I would suggest moving some lowercase letters a pixel or two to the right (b, f, p, r, t) or the left (d, j, q) to account for only having serifs on one side. The '&' can perhaps be improved by moving the overhang several pixels to the left so that it aligns with the stem underneath, and the comparison characters <=> may look better too if they're all the same width. Overall, though, very solid design. 8/10 (for now)

Comment by ETHproductions 11th september 2017

I'll see what I can do, ETH

Comment by anonymous-1466233 12th september 2017

Problem with the "All glyphs the same width": Im trying to keep the circles in the lowercase consistent...

Comment by anonymous-1466233 12th september 2017

Oh, I just meant that the '=' might look better if it was the same width as '<' and '>'.

Comment by ETHproductions 12th september 2017

@Eth I am trying to distinguish between dash and the future em dash.

Comment by anonymous-1466233 12th september 2017

Added an em dash.

Comment by anonymous-1466233 12th september 2017

Dashes: they are typically split into threes, i.e., the regular dash is half the width of the en dash, and the en dash is half the width of an em dash. An em dash refers to the width of the font itself, 1,000, or 2,048, depending on whether a font is postscript or truetype. In your case the em dash should be the width of the "M", or if monospaced, the space of the widest character. :)

Comment by TCWhite 12th september 2017

Dashes longer than 13 pixels have a number above them to tell you what the length of them are.

Comment by anonymous-1466233 13th september 2017

Nice font, xXx XBox Gamer, 10/10. Hope you can add more...

Comment by Brynda 13th september 2017

@Brynda Thanks, I'll add accents...

Comment by anonymous-1466233 13th september 2017

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