Sheikah Complete

by Xhamon

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Complete Sheikah Alphabet from Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Includes J, Q, Hyphen, Exclamation Mark, Digits, Vertical Line, Period and Question Mark.

Exact thickness, angles and spacing.

(The "Period" and "Question Mark" characters are never used in game and only appear in the game files. The "Vertical Line" character only appear in the "gyro" controls in "apparatus" shrines and is not otherwise listed in the file that list all other characters. It is not known if those characters should be considered cut/scrapped and if they are canon or not.)


This font has been superseded by the following (it's identical but you can also change characters to their "pins" variant if you put them in "bold"):


Updated March 5, 2017: The Hyrule Compendium in game shows that that was believed to be digits 1-5 (pins) is actually digits 0-4. Also, it shows that pins are actually in inverted colors.

Updated April 4, 2017: Added a dummy character so that a line spacing of 1.0 will not juxtapose glyphs vertically (a minimal white space will be kept).

Updated April 11, 2017: A datamining of the game reaveals that what was believed to be the "Space" and "Period" characters are actually the "Hyphen" and "Exclamation Mark". Also, the "Period" and "Question Mark" do exist in the game files but are never used in game. Source:
Thanks to CalicoStonewolf on for providing that link!


Initial Sources:
- (They've got digit corners wrong. Digit 5 is missing and digit 0 is invalid. Digits are their "pin" variants instead of the actual symbols.)
- (For Q. Source unknown. They have errors in J, U, W, Y and hyphen.)
- (Original decipherer.)
- (For J.)


I thought that a list of glyphs sorted by design could be useful for searching. Look for dots first, then lines, then waves.

Also, similar characters are near each other vertically (see MT, TB, QK, OX, XC, VN). Other similarities do exist like CE, but it's impossible to pair them all.


OUTDATED IMAGE (February 16, 2017 version) - Correct version is a few comments below.

Comment by Xhamon 17th february 2017

OUTDATED IMAGE (March 5, 2017 version) - Correct version is a few comments below.

Comment by Xhamon 5th march 2017

Love the font.
But there is a problem with spacing. when writing more then a single line the symbols blend together a bit and it makes it hard to read.

Also. You currently have the numbers mixed up.
012345 are wrong. when I press 1 it gives me the symbol for 2

It does this upto 4. Then the number 5 gives me a sideways 0 symbol.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you can get a fix for it soon.

I am currently working on a cursive font for Sheikah (BotW) so it looks less chisseled and more hand written.

Keep up the good work.

Comment by KPower667 4th april 2017

I "fixed" the line spacing (changed the default). With a line spacing of 1.0, two adjacent characters will now have the same distance vertically that they do horizontally.

(PS: The numbers are correct. See the description: some old sources are wrong.)

Comment by Xhamon 5th april 2017

This has a kind of ethereal quality. I don't know anything about Zelda, I simply appreciate the thought, observation, effort, presentation, shapes  and those perfect samples you show here. 

Comment by Aeolien 5th april 2017

What you have here as a space and a period are incorrect. The "space" glyph is actually a Hyphen, and the "period" is actually an ecalmation mark. Two new glyphs were found in the gamerip files for period and question mark respectively. There is a proper space, although it's not used in sentences. The only time in game that the space is used is for lines such as the "It's dangerous to go alone." and "Now loading" easter eggs.
A complete font can be found here:

Comment by calicostonewolf 11th april 2017

I've made the swaps and added the two new glyphs. The "proper space" and "hyphen" had been mistaken for each other by decipherers because the former was rarer. In fact, it is because normal Sheikah script doesn't use spaces.


CORRECT VERSION (April 11, 2017)

Comment by Xhamon 11th april 2017

Thank you for this font!

Comment by Didid 27th april 2018

The numbers aren't working for me?

Comment by charlie-qq 2nd september 2018

Nope nevermind, working now :/ sorry bout that

Comment by charlie-qq 2nd september 2018

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