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    Created on 22nd December 2008. Last edited on 30th June 2009.
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I had over half of the uppercase finished before I decided they totally sucked, so I deleted them all. The lowercase isn't totally worthless, so I'm releasing it to the wild.
Comment by aphoria 31st december 2008
Claps claps claps...nice font to end the year...I LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOUR CAPS
Comment by anonymous-101903 31st december 2008
Claps claps claps...nice font to end the year...I LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOUR CAPS
Comment by anonymous-101903 1st january 2009
And worthy it is indeed. I hope you can sustain the energy to fix the upper case. Caps can be discouraging, can't they.
Comment by intaglio 1st january 2009
Really excellent stuff. 9/10
Not keen on the lower case y though.
Comment by djnippa 1st january 2009
I'm not happy with the y or the z either. I need more angles!

I need a break before I revisit the caps. It sounds ridiculous, but this font drained me.
Comment by aphoria 1st january 2009
i know exactly what you mean :)
Comment by kix 10th january 2009
Fakir by Underware?
Comment by graves09 14th may 2009
I've never seen that one before
Comment by aphoria 14th may 2009
Instead of making caps you could just copy paste all the lowercase letters into where the caps go, making it a fully functional all lower case font.
Comment by E. Mars 9th february 2010
Beautiful work... I still haven't dared tackling anything blackletterish. If I had I sure would have hoped it to end looking somehow like this. :)
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 1st april 2010
@aphoria You've really never seen Fakir?
Comment by demonics 9th may 2012
Comment by demonics 9th may 2012
c f g m n look awfully Fakir-ish!
Comment by demonics 9th may 2012
@demonics Nope, I've never seen Fakir. At least, I hadn't seen it before graves09 asked in May, 2009.

Being a blackletter, there are bound to be many fonts with similar characteristics. I did Futility pretty early in my FontStruct career, so the details are hazy, but I was trying to emulate one or more blackletter fonts that I had seen.
Comment by aphoria 9th may 2012
Ah. I see. Actually, I was planning on making some variation of fakir or somewhat like it, but you beat me to it! Very nice font.
Comment by demonics 9th may 2012

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