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    Created on 25th March 2016. Last edited on 2nd May 2016.
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    All Rights Reserved. No download available.
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Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You will lose future commenting priveleges, and risk having your FontStruct account deleted, if you do so. Read more.

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N k sama t nya kelihatan aneh bill, kurang nyatu sama yang lain

Comment by claudiach15063 30th march 2016

the "N" is too thin compared to the other

Comment by secondxart 6th april 2016

A little fix on the strokes thickness would make it better. Fighting!

Comment by cherlita 7th april 2016

konsistensinya kurang terutama hurun N dan g dibetulin mantab itu...

Comment by Evelyca 7th april 2016

Huruf N, k,y kurang konsisten, sisanya sudah bagus. goodjob!

Comment by Anita Sylvia 7th april 2016

Menurut saya.. 'N' nya terlalu lebar :D

Comment by eunike_15009 7th april 2016

konsistensi hurufnya kalo bisa dibetulin lagi terutama "N" nya, good job btw

Comment by jordanlilin 7th april 2016

keren bill , cuman kurang konsisten di N besar sama K kecilnua :) keep it up

Comment by raymond15032 7th april 2016

ahhh this is quite good, with some decorative serif. but i guess yep, the N kinda separated from the others. but me like !

Comment by albertzerou 7th april 2016

Hallo... fontnya bisa bagus kalo kamu samain bagian shape di ujung tiap huruf sama lebarnya dan tebalnya samain biar lebih keren tapi idenya udah bagus... nice

Comment by Bryan Tj 7th april 2016

kurang konsisten dikit bek, but good job!

Comment by bellacornelia07 7th april 2016

nice job! Maybe you can try making another version of uppercase N because it doesnt fits too well, but nice typeface:)

Comment by stefanithejapuspita 7th april 2016

font nya bagus dan unik tapi kurang konsisten. lebih ditingkatkan lagi beroh

Comment by JustMeIC 7th april 2016

hurufnya lucu~ widthnya kalo diatur lagi mungkin bisa lebih bagus lagi~

Comment by regina15143 7th april 2016

bagus bill tp N besarnya kebesaran

Comment by albertsuryaaa 7th april 2016

Keren, tapi N nya kebesaran :)

Comment by Felix10 7th april 2016

't' 'y' 'k' need to be consistent

Comment by Hestiatrina9 7th april 2016

Huruf n nya terlalu lebar perbandingannya dengan huruf lain. Jaga konsistensinya ya ! 

Comment by Judith_Novia 7th april 2016

mantap bekkkkk, sorry sebelumnya aku pake fotomu :v

menruutku tebal tipis dan lebar hurufnya masih kurang konsis, misalnya huruf N besarnyaa, terlihat jauh lebih lebar dibanding yang lain

good job overall, !

Comment by pieterenaldi 7th april 2016

Nice font

Comment by marcia42415176 7th april 2016

fontnya unik! tinggal konsistensinya aja agak kurang

Comment by theresiamarseli 7th april 2016

The "N" is too wide than the others,but it's a unique font! Also I like the "t"  :)

Comment by nikitaolivia 7th april 2016

huruf N strokenya trlalu tipis dan lebar nya trlalu besar dibandingin yg lainnya.. hruf kecil kyk hrd e nya jga, huruf k kecil kayak huruf K besar.. sisanya bagus :)

Comment by jevon15010 7th april 2016

Kurang konsisten bek, huruf kecil e 

Comment by marvelferdinand 7th april 2016

N ny kebesaran

Comment by vinsen15174 7th april 2016

N kapitalnya kepanjangan dan ga seberapa proporsional

Comment by kevinrich 8th april 2016

Your 'N', 't' and 'k' it's just strange when you put it there.. looks like a missing child from another font..

Comment by alexan32 8th april 2016

ketebalan nya kurang konsisten

Comment by JR_221196 8th april 2016

"y" nya sedikit aneh(?) but goodjob bekkk!

Comment by Winny Melina 8th april 2016

t nya beda banget bill

Comment by repratantra 8th april 2016

Bentuk huruf t sama y agak sedikit aneh dr pada yg lain . Tapi wes oke secara keseluruhan :)

Comment by natalia devara 8th april 2016

Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You will lose future commenting priveleges, and risk having your FontStruct account deleted, if you do so. Read more.

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