16-bit 7x9 Nostalgia

by Kerri Shotts (kerrishotts)

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(Work in Progress)

This is a larger variation of my smaller 8-bit Nostalgia series, and assumes 16pt rendering. It's inspired in large part by the computers from my past: the Commodore 64, Atari, and IBM PC. In many ways, this font is closer to the font used for VGA text -- this font is on an 8x16 grid, while the VGA used a 9x16 grid. However, the VGA font has more letters with serifs, while this font avoids that whenever possible (aside from the typical I/i, L/l, J/j). Only a few other glyphs get serifs when they wouldn't otherwise need it to appear reasonably well-kerned.

This font uses an 8x16 pixel grid. The top three rows are reserved for ascenders and diacritics. The bottom four rows are reserved for descenders. This leaves nine rows for the capital forms, and seven rows for the lowercase forms.

Notable glyphs:
 - The "A" and "V" is angled a bit more than usual in a font of this type.
 - The "B" has a narrower top half in order to offset the fact that the top and bottom are equal height.
 - "J" more closely resembles its lowercase form.
 - "g" is a double-story form.
 - "3", "4", "5", "6", "9" numerals are fairly unique forms


New version: Added lots of new characters and graphical forms.

Comment by Kerri Shotts (kerrishotts) 20th november 2015

Looking good; nice to see graphic elements in a font again. I remember all those computers. The fonts were amazingly varied even before dtp became available for home computers.

Comment by Aeolien 20th november 2015

New version: Refined fractions, start of additional latin letters with diacritics, some Greek forms.

Comment by Kerri Shotts (kerrishotts) 20th november 2015

@Aeolien: Thanks! I'm kind of alternating between adding additional letterforms and graphics. Most letters aren't that difficult to fit in, but it isn't so easy to fit in detail in such a small pixel grid! I still remember, though, using the graphical characters on both my IBM and my Commdore to create some really fancy graphics... :-)

Comment by Kerri Shotts (kerrishotts) 20th november 2015

New version: Some more Greek forms; additional superscripts; more graphical characters

Comment by Kerri Shotts (kerrishotts) 22nd november 2015

666 glyphs??

Comment by anonymous-1466233 13th october 2017

Even worse: 6 comments! (not counting mine)

Comment by Lou D. (Lou FoxyBun) 13th october 2017

I just hope this doesn't get 666 comments

Comment by anonymous-1466233 14th october 2017

Don't worry, we're 657 comments far

Comment by Lou D. (Lou FoxyBun) 14th october 2017

Love it...

I just made it 1 comment closer... didn't I?

Comment by anonymous-1466233 15th october 2017

OH NO! 655 COMMENTS LEFT! Wait, actually we're still pretty far from it.

Comment by Lou D. (Lou FoxyBun) 15th october 2017

Not very small per glyph,(at least not narrowed, except in easy 3x5 numerics), but with this number -of the beast- of very readable glyphs, it's an impressive work of precision and usability. Almost no learning curve! WIP? I wonder what you can add now^^

Comment by dpla 16th october 2017

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