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FontStruction based on the FontStruct logo.


normanbaker's attempt to design the FontStruct logo font.
Comment by Stephen Coles (Stewf) 2nd april 2008
Have you considered taking advantage of the spacing feature, as is done in Structurosa by pauldhunt? It would make it a lot nicer... but I see it was made it 2008, long before the new spacing features came out.
Comment by Logan Thomason (xenophilius) 27th april 2011
It's still pretty nice.
Comment by Logan Thomason (xenophilius) 27th april 2011
Shoot, the hyperlink doesn't work! Bummer.
Comment by Logan Thomason (xenophilius) 27th april 2011
Check out my interpretation, named [FontStruct Gothic]: it has just the spacing like the logo (not as wide as this one or [Structurosa]) and looks good as headline without it's anything about FontStruct.
Comment by anonymous-281937 15th december 2012
Comment by anonymous-1000937 3rd december 2013

@ecluniverso That’s lovely. I need to take a closer look at bulcao’s work.

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 2nd july 2018

the spacing is to wide, and some characters arent the same

Comment by senpaifurret 22nd june 2020

Here’s an updated link to Structurosa – a much more fastidious recreation of the logo. See also the italic version.

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 22nd june 2020

Quite ironic how a fon't made by the owner of the brand didn't get it right :(.

Comment by senpaifurret 27th august 2020

What’s right? Maybe the logo is wrong ;-)

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 27th august 2020

Corner left down square switch brick,

Comment by Hensley Dodson (Hensilly) 27th april 2021

u and c is different somehow

@radio80fm It was likely as a result of a brickswap that might have happened a long time ago

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) 15th june 2022

c is longer!!!

Comment by lucapri 9th may 2023

Also See My Latest Font Logostruct

Comment by Macaroni4836482765 (AlphaUnicodeFonts) 28th july 2023

Logostruct Was Deleted

Comment by Macaroni4836482765 (AlphaUnicodeFonts) 9th august 2023

Click On The A Rob

Comment by Macaroni4836482765 (AlphaUnicodeFonts) 9th august 2023

Click On Me

Comment by Macaroni4836482765 (AlphaUnicodeFonts) 9th august 2023

@anonymous-100397 I guess the difference is between the c and u

Comment by Nayef Aljahdali ( Tue, 26th december

its a bit wrong...

Comment by luccaopcional Tue, 2nd january

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