Khuzdûl - The language of the Dwarvens

by kadanyix

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I adapted the Khuzdûl alphabet to the Basic Latim keyboard, but because of the different rune (some of the same sound), some could not be placed correctly. so here are the adaptations c = ch, q = kw, x = ow, A = á (aa),B = mb, C = sh, D = dh, E = é (ee), F = gw, G = gh, H = -h, J = ghw, K = kh, L = (*?), M = nw, O = ó (oo), P = ps, Q = khw, T = th, U = û, W = hw, X = ks, Y = hy, Z = zh, 1 = e, 2 = u, 3 = ö, 4 = ŋ (velar nasal), 5 = ts, 6 = g, 7 = gh, 8 = nd, 9 = ng. this link should help you,r:2,s:0,i:85&iact=rc&page=1&tbnh=180&tbnw=225&start=0&ndsp=25&tx=147&ty=108#imgdii=ySQenc2rYXZ6ZM%3A%3BAB8egcSoRx2cKM%3BySQenc2rYXZ6ZM%3A
Info: Created on 2nd August 2013 . Last edited on 3rd August 2013.
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