Apprentice Quill

by Aeolien

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For the FS script competition I tried to copy my efforts at calligraphy with a goose quill. I have added more diacritics, punctuation & symbols.
Info: Created on 25th May 2013 . Last edited on 19th January 2015.
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Comment by Noah (winty5) 26th May 2013
Will the person who voted this a "3" please contact me: I need to know what you think I need to improve. Voting "3" means there is a massive problem and your job is to tell me how to improve, do not downvote without comment to help me. Thanks.
Comment by Aeolien 26th May 2013
@ winty: thanks !
Comment by Aeolien 26th May 2013
Probably that dumb old font troll. No people I know on FS would ever do something like that.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 26th May 2013
@Aeolien : Someone just rated all the scriptcomp entries and guess who received the worst rate ? And the winner is... (Drum Roll) Me of course with 2/10!
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 26th May 2013
Well, this gets a 10/10 from me.
Comment by p2pnut 26th May 2013
@ winty & AFT: yes, hm > :(((((
Seeing what kind of font gets the floorlevel vote it looks like someone is very jealous of the skills used, the fact that certain people publish fonts very regularly because they are talented, and he shows his envy through a low vote.
I would welcome a different voting system to stop trolls messing with averages while not contributing in a positive way: can vote who has published 20 fonts to achieve an average of 6.8, or who has taken part in the live feed with at least 1 daily log-in for a month, or who has voted at "7" or over on 40 fonts/ "9" or over on 30 fonts with a comment on each font...
Comment by Aeolien 26th May 2013
@ P2P: Thanks a lot :) with you established fontstructors I know that you are sincere and knowledgeable in your comments and voting and I appreciate that. It makes the work involved worth it and the possible improvements and learning into a real pleasure.
Comment by Aeolien 26th May 2013
Comment by Aeolien 26th May 2013
Forget the trolls - they are just a waste of time and space. Two things are really important: (a) the opinions of people you trust ... and most of all (b) whether you are happy with your work.

Have a lovely holiday :)
Comment by p2pnut 27th May 2013
@ P2P Thanks for that moral support, you are right, what a troll thinks is of no importance. What you experts think is important as I can learn from you, and then I can feel happy with what I have done. Holiday will be great once it starts :)
Comment by Aeolien 29th May 2013
It looks nicee :)

Visit my typeface adapted from Iban fabric(dayak, borneo, Indonesia)

Comment by VincentiusBobby_011 29th May 2013
I have to agree with p2pnut, don't care about the stupid font-trolls, they are useless and dumb. What matters is what YOU think of YOUR font!

"True FontStructors can't be discouraged!" -ETHproductions
Comment by Noah (winty5) 2nd June 2013
For ScriptComp: added most of "more Latin" accented letters, added more punctuation and symbols. Will work more on it later.
Comment by Aeolien 12th June 2013

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