by minidonut

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Not working on it anymore.


Good work!
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 10th march 2013
Oh wow! That many glyphs deserve a 12/10
Comment by Aeolien 15th march 2013
Time to get 1st! WOOHOO!
Comment by minidonut 16th march 2013
Geez, you're not satisfied with 2nd, 4th, 6th and 10th? :)
Comment by ETHproductions 16th march 2013
@Ð: Nope. The 1st gets the most attention. Time to get Unicoded! (uh, Unicoded?)
Comment by minidonut 16th march 2013
This is really nice, although some of the characters overlap, and some are strangely unpolished and rough, so 9/10.
But just as CMunk added to 7:12 when I was catching up with Sans I, I will continue copying dingbats to Sans III. Isn't competition a strange thing? ;)
Comment by Houlaiziaa 16th march 2013
Yeah, not everything fits in a 5-pixel-wide font.

By the way, did you guys notice something different in Armenian, Greek, and Arabic? Hint: hexagonal.
Comment by minidonut 17th march 2013
OMG o.O So many glyphes... But... where are the japanese and chinese glyphes xD
Comment by TiMauzi 17th march 2013
I admire your patience.
Comment by thalamic 17th march 2013
Placeholder glyphs, huh? ;) Sneaky. In fact, that's what I did in 126 Sans I xD
But why does Armenian still have serifs attached, though?
Comment by Houlaiziaa 17th march 2013
101 to go...
Comment by ETHproductions 20th march 2013
Just, wowed. 10/10
Comment by Jamie Place (FontBlast) 20th march 2013
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 21st march 2013
Comment by minidonut 21st march 2013
You have reason to be proud! Your font accelerated from 0 to 6000 in 17.8 days!!
Comment by ETHproductions 21st march 2013
I made an image containing the font. However, I didn't use the "Text" tool, because I couldn't download my font. :(
Comment by minidonut 21st march 2013
YEAH! Nice one! Congrats! :D First over 6000!
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 21st march 2013
Very hard to believe that I'm a kid. I'm 11. (It IS true though!)
Comment by minidonut 22nd march 2013
@minidonut So am I.
Comment by Jamie Place (FontBlast) 22nd march 2013
Congratulations, minidonut :D
It deserves a multilingual sample of some sort, no? ;)
Comment by Houlaiziaa 22nd march 2013
Huh, it doesn't work like you said. Both Windows and BabelMap (Character Map, move over) reject it...
It appears you have FontStructed everything in the "Specials" block. From past experience, I can say that if you draw them all (specifically the last two), Windows will reject it. If you erase them, evetyhing should be okay ;)
Comment by Houlaiziaa 22nd march 2013
Thanks for the information, gonna remove those :)
Comment by minidonut 22nd march 2013
I'm 10 and I like making hyper-extended fonts too! :D
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 22nd march 2013
Just made a pic WITH the text tool.
Comment by minidonut 22nd march 2013
AND... It's gonna be a family! I'm working on fs Fusilli now: a serifed and italic font. :)
Comment by minidonut 22nd march 2013
Just reached 3000 with Mikropix. :)
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 24th march 2013
Just reached 4000 with Mikropix. :D
Looks like you'll be havin' some competition...FROM ME!!!
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 27th march 2013

You mightve forgotten hiragana...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 27th april 2018

I like the fact that the placeholder characters have different question marks depending on the language.

Comment by AFontAbove 30th april 2022

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