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Based on the Casio/Tandy Pocket Computers of the 1980s


SMALL GAPS prevent this font from being used as a proper pixel font.

Comment by LoganDark 9th november 2017

the gaps are there to seperate rows and columns of pixels my a few millimeters, other than that, it shouldn't be that noticable at pixle size...

Comment by anonymous-1466233 9th november 2017

If the gaps bother you, use Ready P9.  The gaps in this one are intentional to mimic the LCDs of pocket computers and calculators.  Ready P9 is the same font, but with no gaps.  And thanks!

Comment by Scott Lawrence (bleullama) 9th november 2017

(Or Ready P1 if you like... P9 has some tweaked glyphs to make them look a bit more acceptible, whereas P1 is more accurate to the original LCDs that the font is based on.)  Enjoy!

Comment by Scott Lawrence (bleullama) 9th november 2017

@Scott Lawrence (bleullama) - One could also intrepret the cryptic SMALL GAPS comment as the gaps not being BIG enough to properly separate the pixels when emulating old LCD screens...  ;^)

Comment by Goatmeal 9th november 2017

@Scott Lawrence (bleullama) - Sorry, that should be "interpret", not "intrepret"...   :^\

Comment by Goatmeal 9th november 2017

Fair enough, Goatmeal.  I think they looked good at the scale i was using.. if i made them smaller they looked... weird.   Think i'll tweak it.

Comment by Scott Lawrence (bleullama) 9th november 2017

@Scott Lawrence (bleullama) - Honestly, I was just being facetious; I think the SMALL GAPS comment was about there being any gaps at all.  However, I _do_ like the gap width in the change you just made.  If you like the orignal gap widths, I'd say keep Ready_P0 as originally designed, and simply make another clone with the expanded gaps.

Comment by Goatmeal 9th november 2017

Nah. It was a totally valid opinion which, in retrospect, i agree with.  The gaps were too small to look correct.  I already have the other font for the gapless look... :D

Comment by Scott Lawrence (bleullama) 9th november 2017

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