xe Minimalist Everything

by Logan Thomason (xenophilius)

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This is basically an extreme version of 7x12 Pixel Mono, by CMunk. The only difference is that most of the letters are only four pixels high, and it's only capitals. This font includes Basic Latin, More Latin, Extended Latin A&B, Greek and Coptic, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Bopomofo, and Even More Latin. I had to guess with most of the Even More Latin characters, as most of them were displayed as squares (indicating that the specific letter is not included in your computer's font). Enjoy!


All 777 characters (what a lucky font!)
Comment by Logan Thomason (xenophilius) 2nd january 2011
1. How long does it take to make 777 characters?
2. Nice font :) Very minimalist... amazing how people can do that. Its amazing. 100% & download.
Comment by Drgrit 5th january 2011
@Drgrit: Not very long, maybe a few hours. Thanks for the DL.
@crct: I really don't care at all. I'm not trying to insult you, I just made this font to have a lot of characters, not to be readable.
Comment by Logan Thomason (xenophilius) 5th january 2011
Nice marathon!
Comment by Tylo 6th january 2011
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Minimalist Everything” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 6th january 2011
@Drgrit: He's right. It takes a surprisingly little amount of time to make all those characthers, especially when working on such a small grid.

@xenophilus: It's really cool to see minimalism taken to the extreme. If you're ever in doubt about what the character looks like, look it up here:


That has sure helped me.
Comment by Christian Munk (CMunk) 6th january 2011
@Meek: Thank you SO MUCH!! My second TP!
@CMunk: Thanks for the compliments. I actually DID use FileFormat.info for most of the characters. A few weren't displaying properly on the FontStructor (they were just displayed as squares) so I looked them up on Google, and found FileFormat.
Comment by Logan Thomason (xenophilius) 6th january 2011

@CMunk and all: In 2017 I can say it takes A LOT OF TIME to design a fairly readable font in a very limited matrix(*), even in extremely low resolution (the more compression, the tougher it gets). Take e.g. US-ASCII (94 characters - b.t.w. it's more or less useless to go beyond 7-bit if you cannot even use this legacy set safely):

i. edit/improve glyph #1 of this set;

ii. check it visually 93 times (against any duplication);

iii. repeat i. and ii. 93 times (to get a 100 % readable US-ASCII font);


iv. mitigate the ambiguities at set ii. too (1-dot and 2-dot similar etc.);

v. do it 93 times (when you want, actually);

vi. add style concerns (weight, type color, spacing etc.) and re-check all the set every time…

If you still think it's a matter of minutes, just try and design a 2x4 US-ASCII (where a single pixel, added or removed is a great effort, and can take you an hour in many tests, just because you have to decide, and not your ability to reorder the data in the case of mid-/hi-res…).

UNUSABLE very low-res pixel fonts are fun to do, while USABLE ones are quite more serious (and more than rare on this trivial site, alas!).

* The matrix used by "xe Minimalist Everything" is not quite minimalist. (You cannot state that a font that uses e.g. a 1x1 dot is a 1x1 font, even on average. No, you have to take the largest dimensions into account.)

Besides, without a lowercase set, this artwork/experiment is not a valid font to me. Another trial from the past. Fortunately, and provided the user can limit to e.g. US-ASCII, there are more advanced attempts in actual 3x4 and 3x3, here and there (with many flaws, esp. dupes though). If I were xenophilius, I'd clone a valid US-ASCII (e.g. a 3 x-height in a 3x4-based matrix/uppercase), before trying to add the missing extended Latin etc. (the artistic Wow effect = the scientific Antiwow effect, you know…)

Comment by dpla 21st december 2017

Aw rats, xenophilius beat me to the pun! :/

Comment by YUNG1S 18th september 2018

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