by Em42

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A small contribution to the pixel fonts category, trying to achieve a bold look with an x-height of 4 pixels.

Designed to create watermarks on pics for the blog.


I like a lot of what you do, but considering the votes and (lack of) comments, this one is definitely underrated. The pixel preview proves how well it is done. And in larger view the 'staircase' effect is perfectly consistent and provides unexpected solutions: the K! The A! I like it very much.
By the way: your naming of structions shows you know your way around in culture high & low; Funny.
Comment by typerider 1st september 2008
Thanks Typerider!

What a surprise a comment on this font, as it is one of the oldest I fontstructed, low rated, and with no Top Pick mark. :)

Some facts about Escaptionist:

- It was meant to be used to create very small captions for the pics to be posted on the house42 blog. This is why a full set is available. Later on we scrapped this idea and we preferred adding a watermark.

- As usual I preferred to put in evidence the limit of the design, instead of hiding it. The staircase effect was used to emphasize the jagged diagonals of the pixel-based letterforms.

- What I like most is the slight bold effect at such a small pixel size.

As concerning the font names, I always think a lot about it, changing them quite often, before releasing the set.
Fonts with sloppy names, even if well-designed, always lack of something.

Ayway thanks really for your comment! :)
Comment by Em42 1st september 2008
like this:
"As usual I preferred to put in evidence the limit of the design, instead of hiding it."
As you might have read on my blog, that's my attitude too. But this is a perfect way of putting it!
And: intriguing blog, yours. Where do you live?
Comment by typerider 2nd september 2008
Ha ha, the comment on my English made me smile.

English is not my mothertongue, I'm Italian, that's why what I write may sound odd sometimes.

P.S. I'm glad you like the blog!
Comment by Em42 2nd september 2008
Hey, sorry, that was not a comment on your english! It is perfect. I just ment to say that I like the design attitude. Many structors are trying to hide the limitations of modular design by making very complex stuff or using big grids.
And by the way, I'm belgian, so no native english speaker either. My question to where you live, came from the different locations on your blog. Ciao!
Comment by typerider 3rd september 2008
House42 used the font to create artwork for the Skineskin laser-engraved leather covers for Moleskine notebooks.

Click below for more images.
Comment by Em42 29th june 2009
great images. i like the escaptionist one the best of the three - the combination of the teknoid-pixel with the organic material works really well i think. also a very nice lo-res pixel font which i hadn't noticed before.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 29th june 2009
Thanks Rob, I'm glad you liked it.

It's the first time I used FontStruct generated fonts in commercial design, and I must admit I'm really proud of them!
Comment by Em42 1st july 2009

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