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A script font, intended to emulate broad pen nib strokes.


Only lower case at the moment, but it already shows great promise. The close up reveals one of the finest curves we've seen on FS so far. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 28th may 2010
The name: is it about Alex Penkala and The Band of Brothers?
Comment by Frodo7 28th may 2010
Thanks for your kind words, Frodo7.

The name is a tribute to Slavoljub Eduard Penkala who is credited as inventing the first solid-ink fountain pen. It's not a completely appropriate tribute - seeing as this is meant to emulate the strokes of a felt-pen - I just quite liked the fact he has 'pen' in his name.
Comment by chr.s 28th may 2010
Dear fontstruct admin - something has gone awry with this one. Looks like one edit too many.

Fontstruct just doesn't seem to like me lately.
Comment by chr.s 28th may 2010
Despite the best efforts of Mr Meek, this one had to be rebuilt.

Available again to view and download.
Comment by chr.s 1st june 2010
good to have it back again. i love it. will you add the upper case as well?

Comment by laynecom 1st june 2010
This might be the best curvy font based on 2.0 so far, and it will be extremely hard to top. Looks like painted with a brush. m, k, x, 4 and ampersand are among the finest on fontstruct... Chapeau!

Maybe you should try a w without the bottom-right serif stroke though. This one looks abit too much like an inversed m for my taste... Might be because it actually is an inversed m. ;)

Great work anyway!
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 1st june 2010
Lots of nice organic strokes going on here, chr.s. The new w as suggested by shasta looks better as well. Do you remember what you did while editing before this fontstruction went bad?
Comment by geneus1 3rd june 2010
Shasta, you were spot on about the 'w', thanks.

The uppercase is sort of complete - there are a few characters I'm not happy with - but at this scale and adhering to real curves only, it's unlikely they'll be improved upon much.

I think what happened was that I attempted to create a composite brick with padding that I'd already made, and in doing so it deleted the original and replaced it with its immediate neighbour. At least that seems the most likely reason anyway.

I may revisit the uppercase forms at a later date, for now I'm just glad I've not botched it again.
Comment by chr.s 3rd june 2010
any chance of some European characters soon?

(é, à, ç, ã, ü etc. etc.)
Comment by graphRic design 15th july 2010
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Penkala” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 27th july 2010
Wow, how did you do that? Must have taken you ages to get the curves aligned. (btw--thanks for your comment!)
Comment by skeets 29th july 2010

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