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3x3 font
Info: Created on 19th April 2010 . Last edited on 4th March 2014.
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Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You risk losing your commenting priveleges if you do so. Read more.

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Interesting, but I think some glyphs do not fitI think : The W makes me think to a fat T, the M is like a ugly A, the 2 and 5 are too much queer . I know there are not many possibilities at this very small scale but things can be clearer. Below I made a sample with first a sentence using your font, and then using a font named "Basis 3x3" wich is my favorite and certainly the most surprisingly legible 3x3 font I know (Sorry I can't remember the name of designer and where I found it) so that you can see the differences
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 20th April 2010
Thank you very much , for yours obseravtions
Great Work!

ok i found the font
by stefan

maybe inconciently i based Trium in this font, in this case the Z & 2 look like a 7, the S like a = , the 3 like a D, the G like an L,

another think any characther have the same glyphs like Z & 2 and q & 9

maybe , there should be an average version
Comment by Juan Casco (DarkoJuan) 20th April 2010
You're welcome. At this scale you are obliged to make compromises; after, this is affair of taste and esthetetic inclination; What I really love in Basis 3x3 is the aerial sensation, better suiting for big sizes and making forget it is a pixellized font. But this is only my taste, I respect your different esthetic approach, and I keep Trium in my 3x3 fonts collection.
Just to show you ambiguity and queerness is not a problem for me I made a sample with my most beloved pixellized font of all time (I used it many times in my artistic work). It is not a strict 3x3 grid, because some characters are more on a 2x3 grid. Its name is "emp pix" by designer Peter Zharnov and you can find it on
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 20th April 2010
Comment by Juan Casco (DarkoJuan) 21st April 2010
you have cheated with characters like %, ó.
Comment by Account Moved (Groszak) 15th May 2013
@ Groszak: you are looking at old fonts from 'sleeping' designers. Your criticisms on them are unhelpful.
Also: when you comment on a font or a designer ~please~ make it friendly, informative or instructive.
Remember that much of the design process is individual and personal, people do it for fun or for their own projects. We are lucky to be shown what other people design and we are happy to give advice when asked or when there is a 'faulty brick' that the designer might not have spotted.
Comment by Aeolien 15th May 2013
Bap pix? And your numbers: O, 7, 1, D, 4, S, b, 7, B, q.
Comment by Account Moved (Groszak) 21st May 2013
This means no link to that image! Image details: from comment by Abneurone Fluid Types Tue, 20th April, 2010
Comment by Account Moved (Groszak) 21st May 2013
last comment on
Comment by Account Moved (Groszak) 21st May 2013

Hello, Juan Casco (DarkoJuan), good to see new designs that employ many of the now more common glyphs, which makes them quite legible to me. I saw in the late years that people can read with always fewer matrix dots; this makes me happy, and confident for my own mappings (all to be released a.s.a.p.). A 3x3 grid causes a lot of ambiguities, that's sure! I am looking forward to seeing an addition of a lowercase of yours, in the x-height of your choice, if you think it's worth the hassle/headache/waste of life. A complete Ascii set of characters would be ideal, to begin with. Then, the comments would get a lot more useful than they are for the moment, since a-z and the symbols will force you to change your selection from the valid 3x3 glyphs, and not 3x5 as I can see from your symbols. In the meantime, the rich weight of your Trium darkens the gray evenly, which is a good feature, almost like an engraving at distance, with squared cut contours. Summary: Trium = 3x4 font (Q out of grid). Several fanciful characters (where 'M' thumbs its nose to the expected Latin shape). I need't test/invalidate more at the moment. For me, 1 % of the work is done (99% when Ascii will be reached, +1% for the style). I hope this is an incentive, else: good job, already, and welcome to this surprising world of feasibility. :-)

Comment by dpla 23rd November 2015

Quoted PM on 2013-05-21 by "Account Moved (Groszak)" > Subject: Forgot 1 font > Message: @dpla. you forgot 1 font url (
Well (I replied via PM and here), FYI, PiotrGrochowski, a handful of years after, in 2018, my list of related 'micro' fonts is still pending about 200-300 reviews, for my collection (of comparison - FS is only a part of it). I can confirm, as a veteran specialist now, that the new members often give this very simple and funny design a try (very low-res pixel text characters are quick to do, but too complicated to complete as a valid font in general, you know this despite of my great encouragement). Now that you are -supposedly- a teen, you think you can behave like a young offender, in private or not
NEWS: I am going to post 3+1 related designs, after resuming my main project (along with the Wikipedian page). Fontstruct is an agreable place to be, never spoil this spirit!

Comment by dpla 11th April 2018

Err.: “before resuming”. The reason: a lot of voxel art involved, tons of images/ani…

Comment by dpla 11th April 2018

Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You risk losing your commenting priveleges if you do so. Read more.

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