Way too small

by Christian Munk (CMunk)

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An almost illegibly small lower case pixel font.


almost illegible but still legible, just what I adore
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 9th march 2010
how I am able to read the "s", that's just beyond me.
Comment by ssaamm 9th march 2010
a great exercise in minimalism.
Comment by p2pnut 10th march 2010
@ssaamm: The mind recognises the word as a whole, not the individual letters. If you were a toddler just learning how to read, you would not be able to read this, but that's the beauty of the human mind. Now for my rating: As usual, CMunk, absolute brilliance.
Comment by Logan Thomason (xenophilius) 28th october 2010
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Way too small” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 13th december 2010
like it!
i also tried something like that, but you got some very good solutions on the glyphs...
Comment by happypill 14th december 2010
What brilliant Uppercase you added ! I'm glad to have helped to bring it back to light by putting it in my Weird Pick list wich finally was absolutely not an adventure in vain. Your skill in such out of norm designs will always amaze me. :0)
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 14th december 2010
I made my own take on this; it has three-pixel uppercase and two-pixel lowercase. A lot less readable than this, actually. But I love the minimalist style. People are brilliant with it--I must confess, I have trouble with it, as I take all of the letterforms so seriously and find it difficult to think abstractly about this.
Comment by Logan Thomason (xenophilius) 26th june 2011
It's 3x4 actually (a mix of 2x4 (!) and 3x4 arrays as a courageaous limit - which is much easier to design than 3x3 fonts, BTW). Anyway, I like the number of characters you provided (I'll download the font to see which ones ares mapped, since they cannot be distinguised at all beforehand, except for a nice minority). On the other hand, you already understood that I was not amazed by their - very bad - legibility and amount of duplicates (they both make the design of a micro font a lot easier, even common, as I stated before). Good job in your attempts !
Comment by dpla 8th march 2013
PS. Follow-up comments in your “3by3” page :
Thank you again.
Comment by dpla 10th march 2013
Teeny-weeny, yet legible. Well done 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 10th march 2013
All right, it's *** almost *** illegible *** before *** practicing it a lot (which is a fair statement I believe, if not consensual - don't ask me more [I'm not gay !] ;-)). I mean, the resort to 2x4 uppercase is a lot of learning, unfortunately for most of us [sad people]. And since several minuscules have lost part or most of their capital (pun !) information, that doubles the difficulty. (Otherwise let's all learn Morse code.) @Frodo7 : you must have been a smart and bright student, but I admit that there's a lof of logic and work in this very small FontStruction. Dupes apart (all the beginning is correct though), and a few objective anomalies left alone, if it were not to fit a 3x4 grid, and if I had plenty of time to pratice it, this micro font could have quite satisfied me, esp. thanks to its very good 2x4 uppercase, digits and most of its lowercase. @CMunk, a tip : if you keep a 3x3 size for your uppercase (there are valid sets in other micro FontStructions), you are not very far from getting a computer-compliant 3x3 raster font. I don't know if it's one of your goals, but it's congratulations and encouragement all the same. One of my fave micro fonts on FS, once I have depicted its weaknesses, mostly from a computing viewpoint.
Comment by dpla 10th march 2013
I've designed a 2x4 pixels 'font' in the meantime. (Just the uppercase, lowercase, digits, and a few punctuations, i.e. not full Ascii, but without duplicates.) Not on FS, but later I think it will be OK to be shared (since I'm going to use it somewhere else before, for coding a cool - unreleased - feature/performance/demo). The great difficulty was to crop all the chrs, without resorting to easy/little tricks (as seen here, e.g. lowercase in place of uppercase, see 'D' for instance). You can try b.t.w. (but don't, if you need to sleep well !). You'll tell me if the outcome is less legible than in 'Way too small', so let's wait, once more…
Comment by dpla 18th april 2013
// Thank you again. //

My 2x4 font is finished !
I'll release it a.s.a.p.

It features :

• A 2 x 4 grid
• Several days of hard work (from a specialist)
• Full ASCII (& more chrs) with 0 duplicate (!)
• Correct proportions (i.e. different from here*)
• Fairly legible (several chrs had to be cut)
• Beautiful lowercase** style (quite worked one)
• Monospace (to fit the R+G columns as RGB)
> It will be the world smallest, legible and valid ASCII font forever !
V My 7 tips in the meantime : 'Way too small' could be fixed as follows :
1. Duplicate : [(C) &(G) |(I) #(O) $(S) \(V) 6(b) ?(7 once fixed) "('') (+ many non ASCII…)
2. Too wide : m w % " ~
3. Inverted : 7(8) 8(7)
4. Shifted : +(t[h to be redone])
5. Case : D(d) f(F)
6. Ambiguous : K(t) 1(y) 3(g)
7. Style : C K X 2
Steps 1 and 2 may be the toughest in your debugging.
Once done, unfortunately, it will be less legible !

* I tried to start with uppercase, but duplicates were unavoidable.
** Actually, your resort to three sizes of characters is cool too !

Comment by dpla 4th may 2013

Clever. Similar to dotsies.

Comment by tsafontstruct 19th january 2017

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