Cube Style

by gaiatata

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interesting work here. you have created some very nice glyphs. i think some of them both match with the set and with a little more work this could be stunning :)
Comment by funk_king 4th september 2009
i meant to say - some of them 'don't match' :)
Comment by funk_king 4th september 2009
Thanks... I've never made fonts before... I'm trying... I'll check again... and study more =) (hope u understand my bad english) thank you again!! =)
Comment by gaiatata 4th september 2009
well this is a very good start. it's good to have a number of ideas to choose from. sometimes the problem is choosing the appropriate solution for what you're trying to do. sometimes an initial design can contain more than one idea or font. as you continue with this and others, keep a 'starter' file that you clone or copy from to make subsequent changes to. that way you have any ideas that you have have chosen to discard and can go back and develop those if desired.

i took the liberty to clone a version and work on a variation of this. i would probably eventually like to release it, if it's ok with you.

i think starting out things can be a little overwhelming. so many choices to make - what design, what bricks to use, filters, spacing, what name to call it... take it a brick at a time, work on it when you can, and you'll be just fine :)
Comment by funk_king 4th september 2009
Thank you for the tips, feel free to work on my projects, this one and other.

Your catalog is very inspiring, I liked!

Now I will study a little more about the creative process... as you already gave me some tips much easier. Thanks! =)
Comment by gaiatata 4th september 2009
Yup, a lot of promise here. Keep going!
Comment by intaglio 5th september 2009
What a pretty font and what a weird name. Don't you see better something like "Sunny Preasonbreak"?
No, serious, you got the top.
Comment by chavez ravine 5th september 2009
Wonderful first font ! You got a 10 for it. But if I may suggest something, it seems you meant to design a unicase font, however the b and d are taller than the other letters.
Comment by igorrossi 5th september 2009
Good first font - keep up the good work :-)
Comment by p2pnut 6th september 2009
Very nice debut. Q: What prevents you from making it a capitals ony font? A: a,b,d. I would make the numbers as wide as the letters. The U and V differ too little. T and Y likewise. No rating given this time.
Comment by Frodo7 6th september 2009
Thank you all for constructive criticism.

The name: I'm bad to create names, I'm trying, but suggestions are welcome, thank you!

About B and D: thanks for the tip, I'll get the height of the letters.

Answers: as my first font in my life, I think I got a nice result, there is still much to do, but I hope to develop other versions of this font, the criticism of this site are being very constructive, thanks for the tips. I will consider in a future release of this font all these details. =)

(I hope you can understand my English and all the messages, thank you)
Comment by gaiatata 7th september 2009

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