Eriseci Alphabet (Version 3)

by bry_guy27

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Info: Created on 9th August 2017 . Last edited on 9th August 2017.
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Height 1 = “a” character

Height 2 = “f” character

Height 3 = “d” character

Height 4 = “o” character

Height 5 = “o” character (with tail lowered)

Start = Beginning of line character

End 1 = End of line character

End 2 = End of line character (with tail lowered)

Dot = dot used in period, comma, question mark, and exclamation point

Tilde = tilde used in period, comma, question mark, and exclamation point

Letter Code:

A = Height 1

B = Height 1 with upper tedo

C = Height 1 with lower tedo

D = Height 1 with space

E = Height 1 with apostrophe

F = Height 1 with quotation mark

G = Height 2

H = Height 2 with upper tedo

I = Height 2 with lower tedo

J = Height 2 with space

K = Height 2 with apostrophe

L = Height 2 with quotation mark

M = Height 3

N = Height 3 with upper tedo

O = Height 3 with lower tedo

P = Height 3 with space

Q = Height 3 with apostrophe

R = Height 3 with quotation mark

S = Height 4

T = Height 4 with upper tedo

U = Height 4 with lower tedo

V = Height 4 with space

W = Height 4 with apostrophe

X = Height 4 with quotation mark

Y = Letter “X”

Z = Letter “X” with upper tedo

a = Letter “X” with lower tedo

b = Letter “X” with space

c = Letter “X” with apostrophe

d = Letter “X” with quotation mark

e = Height 5

f = Height 5 with upper tedo

g = Height 5 with lower tedo

h = Height 5 with space

i = Height 5 with apostrophe

j = Height 5 with quotation mark

k = Start

l = End 1

m = End 2

n = Dot

o = Tilde

How to use:

Each height letter is a building block of another letter. For example, the letter L is height 1, height 4, height 3 to write all three lines. I have written this font to be somewhat of a build-your-own-letter kind of font, rather than writing the font to contain each individual letter.

To write each letter, type out the corresponding letter to what height and what diacritic (none, tedo, space, apostrophe, etc) you wish to use, then move onto the next. It’s simple.

Using the example for L that I referenced, L with an upper tedo would be typed using this font: ASN

Essentially this font is relatively similar to the way you type Korean (build each character), however with more variables.

I am working to add the extra punctuation (like parenthesis, number sign, dollar sign, etc) into this font, so check back often to see when it finally gets added.

Comment by bry_guy27 9th August 2017

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