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Info: Created on 2nd May 2017 . Last edited on 4th May 2017.
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Hi! Interesting efforts. In Exalt too.

[Best view this review as monospaced!]
• 3x6 mainly (cf. barcode when taller)
• 3x5 similar (faint 'micro' concerns)
• 5x6 #MmWw (non-optimized easy width)
• 4x6 ~ (+ more widths = proportional)
• Inconsistent widths (with flaws btw)
• Wider padding in the uppercase: hack
• A real lowercase is missing (a etc.)
• Simple uppercase (a few ambiguities)
• Numerics vs uppercase in 0O 5S 8B 1I
• Duplicated 0=O _=Space and missing |
• Non standard ;=! !=¡ &~€ .~ı Space~,
• + many 'illogic' punctuations (.:%…)
• Blanks in ^`~ Minimal "()* Split R()
• Hybrid numerics (old 80469 vs 71253)
• Count-able punctuations (Space etc.)
• Useful inversion (context dependent)
● What project was this font made for?
· {I might comment more from you asap}

Comment by dpla 4th May 2017

Thanks for all the feedback! Honestly, this was my best attemt at making a space-age/alien looking language in the form of a typeface, without making it identifiable as a typeface. The sample just being part of a WIP project I'm working on. Exalt was simply intended as a sort of explanation, though I suppose it could be used similarly.

Comment by catbot2000 5th May 2017

Hard ro read, botu awesome 10/10

Comment by Brynda 5th May 2017

Only changing the background color (from blacK to White) revealed the message to me… Besides, the color trick you used horizontally to save on the width spacing works vertically too, with more colors or hues in this case (though it may become too compact).

IMO, you confirm the experimental or geek nature of your project in progess (a [retro/8-bit?] text adventure game). I agree with the style you tried out (where you can edit a little, even at this small size, by deleting a few pixels, esp. bars, even by moving the glyph - see e.g. the now classic T ans S uppercase in SF pop culture). Your font is legible as is, at least (unlike many too small substitutes without this style as 1 till 24 bits, in e.g. control panels or monitors of FPS SF games… You know, with various and funny RGB effects). Looking forward to more screenshots, and happy to see the creators still enjoying the pixels (voxels too).

Comment by dpla 7th May 2017

Edited background color. (Aggressive palette - I can almost feel the acid breath of the beast ;-))

Comment by dpla 7th May 2017
Comment by dpla 20th May 2017

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