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Designed for those members who want inspiration, it could guide them when they need ideas on which to base a font. 

Use this like a font: close your eyes and type a 'word' with at least 7 letters.

If you can touch-type: forget it; you'll need to be quite unstructured in order to get a good variation of letters every time you want inspiration ;) If you want some uncertainty -bad spelling will be very helpful here;)- you could write the 'name' of the minute when you decided to get inspiration for a new font , in UpperCase  ... then follow this with one of your names in LowerCase. But for fun and better chance at not getting the same word every time you need inspiration I suggest you just hit different keys and then look at the line of glyphs ;)

Just remember: use UpperCase to write the first part of this word, the LowerCase to write the other part of the word. Look at the [second or] fourth and the [penultimate or] third before last letter of your 'word'.

The UC will give you an 'image'. Your font will transmit the meaning illustrated by this letter (in the widest sense).

The LC gives the type of look your font should have. You now have 2 guides/ideas/starting points which influence the kind of font you make. 

Remember that the UC should make you look at concepts, invisible messages and your own experience or lack of 'ken', as well as the visible things in the images I drew.

To express that differently:

Your font design is guided by a main theme (based on the UC) and a way to present it/a style of expression (based on the LC).The font will be influenced a little or a lot by each UC 'image';  you adjust the look of your font according to the "feeling"/a memory/a dream or wish/an experience/lack of familiarity that you have about what that which my playful  pixel illustration represents.

The presentation of the font, the style, how the eye slides across  to absorb information or spends time to investigate the beauty or quality of every glyph, is determined by the LC.                               Combine these two aspects from UC and LC, that"s what your font will convey through the shapes  of th glyphs.

In my 'comment' below I give you a few ideas of what could be linked to each of the  UC letters; it's up to your areas of study, experience, interest, and the time you want to use for designing and building your fonts,  which -if any- of the proposed words and concepts I mention will be the one(s) you want to combine with the type of presentation you found in the LC letter.  

Choose a good name for your font, it's probably a good idea to have a name that isn't the keyword I gave in the UC list -- I can imagine that those key words have long been taken by font designers for their fonts.

Note: the "INSPIRED FONT" is still in development; when I have more illustrations for objects, situations, feelings etc or styles of presentation (I am open to suggestions!) I will try to find a suitable design to add to the glyphs as there are still a few empty slots in the Basic Latin set ;)

..:*:.. Have fun ..:*:..


@Aeolien - Very nice!  You are quite the pixel artist.  I look foward to more additions.  :^)

Comment by Goatmeal 9th august 2016

@ Goatmeal: thank you :) I'm glad you like it, but really I am not a pixel artist:) We have specialists for that here. I gave a 'simple rough' look to the illustrations, abstract on purpose  to take the eye to the essentials in each design; I didn't worry about different heights, widths and the many gaps and steps of each design I added to a glyph. I hope this inconsistency will shake people a little to make them think more about what they see. Maybe that will make it easier for them to develop ideas, specially when they read the information for each glyph in my first comment about the 'font'. 

Comment by Aeolien 9th august 2016
Comment by Aeolien 25th august 2016

This is a good idea, I will use it when I need inspiration.

Comment by La police de caractère 31st august 2016

I still don't get it: when I type something like "DPLA hungry", I never get rewarded!!! (there's no piece of cake, nougat, saucisson…)

Interesting 'think-it-yourself' metaconcept and realization, Doctor Fraeudolien! ;-)

Comment by dpla 21st march 2018

@dpla: the reward is purely metaphysical ;) >> just think of all the calories, lipids, sugars, salt, additives, colourants and nasty bits of concrete, plastics or metal you can avoid

Comment by Aeolien 21st march 2018

My belly cannot understand Hawking's laws in front of an industrial pizza ;-))

Comment by dpla 21st march 2018

The LC determines the presentation of glyphs and visual quality: width or/and height, direction, applied or type-related decorations, historic lettering style, the overall shape/edges of glyphs.  

Comment by Aeolien 8th august 2019

Here are the "explanations" of the letters holding a design aimed at helping you to develop ideas for a font..



A__ Plants__ food (humans, animals, plants), decoration, garden, indoors, protection, in water/on land (that includes fossils), medicinal, flowers, grains, nuts; construction (like bamboo, timberframe houses, grass huts)
B__ Buildings__ to live in, work in, for shelter (human, animal, plants, products); fixed (house, office building, factory, museum, hospital) or mobile (yurte, tent,)
C__ Transport__ using mechanical objects (car, train, plane, bike,rocket), animals (horse, oxen); on land, on water, in space, under ground;   
D__ Natural environment__ ocean, mountain, river, meadow, flat land; forests, agriculture, waterfalls, garden
E__ Food__ ingredients, meals; 'wild food' collected in nature, 'storage shelf' foods; home cooked, restaurant, camp site; local speciality, from foreign cultures, modern, traditional, historical, 'paleo'
F__ FontStruct__ all about making computer fonts on this site; terminology, typography; aspects of glyphs; community,  help/support,  contribution, linked to competition
G__ Emotions__ expressing thoughts/emotions/opinions, feelings, attitudes, (dis)agreement

Comment by Aeolien 28th august 2019

O__ Historic time period__ what was important at a certain time:  politics, social, human, people and influences they had;how the time period is expressed in furniture/fashion/food/building styles and in thinking/science/discovery/travel/social (inter)action
P__ Tools__ use in work, business, home, building; machinery; to make life easier, for faster production, for protection/precision; electric or manual  tools; real or imaginary (Heath Robinson, sci-fi)
Q__ Space__ and the Univers; planets, stars; space travel/exploration, space travellers/explorers; machines, clothing, sciences, discoveries and developments
R__ Art__ 2D and 3D techniques; artists; art styles (art history); tools and supports used in different arts; types of art product created; artists;  arts  shows and sales
S__ Drink__ water, based on plants (juice, tea, sap; wine, beer), from animals (milk), made with technology (coffee;  liqueurs); medicinal liquids (not all are a 'drink' like I've illustrated here though)
T__  Reading__ book, newspaper, research studies, home work; websites, letters, fax, ticker tape; items that help reading (magnifying glass, computer screen, braille reader  -this includes  fingertips!)
U__ Computer__ the hardware and everything inside a computer's magic box; products to make a computer work with/for us including peripheral items; software for text, control, communication, science, maths, arts, music; programming languages and  coding; general information technology including studying /teaching  (with)it
V__ Sciences__ those we all learn(ed) at school,  at university, in the work place; environmental/human/intellectual/biological/medicinal/ sciences; sciences that are no more or are based on ancient expectations/understanding of the world

Comment by Aeolien 28th august 2019

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