by kristina82

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Info: Created on 30th March 2016 . Last edited on 3rd May 2016.
License Creative Commons
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free to comment :3

Comment by kristina82 30th March 2016

whats wrong with the lowercase 's' ? isn't it too big?

Comment by Hestiatrina9 7th April 2016

menurut saya 'e' nya yang kecil kurang konsisten

Comment by eunike_15009 7th April 2016

Kalo nasi bebek tp font nya kayak gtu jd males beli, krg menarik. Tapi ya lumayan lah 

Comment by Mslvia 7th April 2016

e kecil atas ama bawahnya ga sama.. Terus lowercasenya tingginya ga imbang >_< 

Comment by jessicaalicias 7th April 2016

s nya kurang konsisten dikit, but overall nice font!

Comment by bellacornelia07 7th April 2016

"S" lowercase dan uppercase terlihat seperti angka 5, tapi so far so good lah :)))

Comment by bebiboi 7th April 2016

nice typeface! tapi s kecilnya kurang konsisten

Comment by Felianaagustin 7th April 2016

beberapa kurang konsisten tapi baguss!

Comment by ornellaayu2306 7th April 2016

this is unique! good job, but try making it more consistent a bit:)

Comment by stefanithejapuspita 7th April 2016

kurang konsisten fontnya, but nice try :)

Comment by feliciaamanda 7th April 2016

The x-height of most characters are different, Try to fix it to be  better. Fighting :)

Comment by cherlita 7th April 2016

Great typeface! Tinggal dibuat lebih konsisten aja! Hehe

Comment by naomnaomi 7th April 2016

huruf E konsistensinya kurang.

Comment by nikitaolivia 7th April 2016

mungkin tinggi hurufnya disamain XD pasti bakal lebih bagus keliatannya~

Comment by regina15143 7th April 2016

Mungkin hurufnya kurang konsisten. Tapi overall bagus!

Comment by Judith_Novia 7th April 2016

Mungkin hurufnya kurang konsisten. Tapi overall bagus!

Comment by Judith_Novia 7th April 2016

Keseluruhan udah keren! perlu diperhatikan lagi tinggi2 tiap hurufnya supaya samaaa..

that huruf G besar mirip logo 9GAG


well done!

Comment by pieterenaldi 7th April 2016

Sudah bagus semuanya.... Tp e kecilnya agak kurang enak kalau dibaca. 

Comment by FeliciaSujarwo 7th April 2016

s nya beda kayak ketinggian. tp keren typefacenya!! goodjob!!

Comment by vaniaseputra 7th April 2016

konsistensinya ok. nice font

Comment by ameliarahmannn 7th April 2016

udh bagus,tp mungkin dibuat lbh konsisten aja :)

Comment by 42415062_MichelleVania 7th April 2016

tinggi tiap hurufnya diperhatikan lagi yaa yang uppercase sama lowercasenya trus huruf e kecil nya sedikit aneh but nice work :)

Comment by reyner_valiant 7th April 2016

hruf e afak susah dibaca tapi bentukan typefacenya sangat unik. nice!

Comment by natalia devara 7th April 2016

interesting font!

Comment by theresiamarseli 7th April 2016

Designnya unik, hanya harus diperhatikan ketinggian tiap font agar konsisten :)

Comment by jeremyadriansutanto 7th April 2016

E nya agak gmn gt, overall konsisten . :D

Comment by deandra15093 8th April 2016

Hurufnyaa unik, tapi agak kurang konsisten. Good job! 

Comment by Arini dina yasmin (arinidina_15080) 8th April 2016

Good, probably you need to equal the baseline ;)

Comment by kezialanita 8th April 2016

sudah bagus sih, mungkin huruf E kecil butuh perbaikan karena bentuknya terlalu berbeda dengan huruf E kapitalnya

Comment by kevinrich 8th April 2016

bagus kris.. tetapi huruf "s" nya keliatan lebih besar dibandingkan dengan huruf lain :)

Comment by ameliajesica 8th April 2016

Bentuknya kurang senada kris, tp overall udh sip :)

Comment by verafaustina 8th April 2016

Nice font. hanya ketebalan dan ketinggian huruf kurang konsisten

Comment by Celia Ivana (celiabenboy) 8th April 2016

Nice font. hanya ketinggian dan ketebalan huruf msh kurang konsisten

Comment by Celia Ivana (celiabenboy) 8th April 2016

saluuut ... bentuk e kaya tanda panah

Comment by repratantra 8th April 2016


Comment by Karensuherman 8th April 2016

Keep up your good work!

Comment by cyntia15029 8th April 2016

udah bagus sih , cuman koreksi untuk ketinggian tiap hurufnya ya soalnya kurang sama :)

Comment by tifannysaverinap 8th April 2016

buat tinggi rendah huruf mungkin bisa diperhatikan lagi, tpi boleh laaa


Comment by christiandenny10 8th April 2016

ketinggian huruf kurang sama tapi sudah bagus. goodjob!

Comment by Anita Sylvia 9th April 2016

bagus sih.. tapi tinggi rendahnya di perhatikan yaa biar lebih sipp

Comment by stevenligo 9th April 2016

bagusss ga mainstream ! tapi huruf e kecilnya agak aneh yaa

Comment by ivanajayadii 10th April 2016

Hurufnya tajam - tajam, setajam perkataanmu *lho* Typeface-nya bagus, unik dan jelas dibaca :)

Comment by Nadya Ferina (Redcapecat) 11th April 2016

bagus chou

Comment by claudiaodii01 11th April 2016

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