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iCollect.it®️ is a barcode (and text) version of the "Code 39 Barcode Specification" which can be read by most modern barcode scanners. I added lowercase characters for more readable labels even though they scan as uppercase. *Notes: Use an underscore instead of a space (as space characters are always blank in a fontstruct). Place an asterisk before and after your string for it to be recognised by barcode readers. Additionally, bracket pairs can be used for more stylish ends for labels etc: () [] <> See the examples. Happy scanning! As of Dec 2022, iCollect.it is a registered trademark of iCollect.it Ltd (UK).


This font can be used to create barcode stickers and labels that can be read by most modern barcode readers (those capable of reading Code 39 barcodes, which is most of them). Any sequence of characters and numbers should start and end with either the asterisk (*) or the bracket pairs shown below.
Comment by hal9000lives 12th october 2008
Upper and lowercase characters are provided only for more readable labels as the actual Code 39 barcode standard has only uppercase barcodes (unless you use 2 character sequences which look naff on labels). This way the machine sees all uppercase, but you get more readable labels.
Comment by hal9000lives 12th october 2008
"Competitive Fonting"

As I work for a large SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) company (and I'm a slightly autistic, collecting and barcoding things:), I tend to take an interest in numbers.

Not that it will matter in the long run, but 4 friends were kind enough to vote 10 for my font, which allowed to me to track the individual votes so far. So far they go something like this.
7, 8, 8, 10, 10, 10, 1, 10, 1, 9, 9, 9, 7, 1.

Suprise suprise, the voting is being rigged by other "Fonters" (voting 1's to drag down the opposition).

It will all balance out, once real votes set in, but what a warm welcome this was to the scary world of Competitive Fonting :)

Thanks for your interest in this font! Suggestions welcomed.
Comment by hal9000lives 14th october 2008
Love numbers, love bars, love codes, love barcodes. Love it.

The vote rigging is standard operating procedure here (and elsewhere, I suspect). You will soon learn to disregard it as we all have.

Keep creating, keep sharing. :)

...and just so you don't have to wonder, I gave this font an 8.
Comment by thalamic 14th october 2008
Great barcode font!
Comment by Håvar Henriksen (havarh) 5th march 2009
Comment by kadenu 22nd september 2009
Can't seem to download it because my system thinks it's an invalid file, Mark Titan
Comment by Mark Titan 16th march 2010
I don't understand other people's need to rig voting as really, come on, this isn't a contest...

Anywho. Really cool and useful for me as I work in graphics for packaging. :)
Comment by margaretnicholdesign 16th march 2010
@ Mark Titan...

The generation and download of fonts is performed by the fontstruct website and not by the designers.

If you continue to have problems, best report it to the websie owners.

Comment by hal9000lives 16th march 2010
Wonderful barcode font. As always, I hate to see troll votes ruining the spirit of this site. You've created, and gave us something very useful for free, and people ought to respect that. And most of us do. Your font gets my 10/10 rating and joins the list of My Faves.
Comment by Frodo7 16th march 2010

After 8 years, nobody else noticed that the lowercase "b" and "d" both scanned as an "A". I just now spotted that problem when scanning new barcode labels (Cards scanned as CARAS instead of CARDS). I have just now corrected the 2 incorrect characters. My apologies... but after 8 years it's time to update your iCollect.it font :)

Comment by hal9000lives 13th august 2016

How can you understand that? That's amazing! I voted 10/10

Comment by Supa Fluffy Goat 8th august 2017

oh my god that's so cool

Comment by Kaia (notkaia_pmc) 17th february 2022
Comment by Driftmaker 24th july 2023

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