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I imagine this is what MC Escher's checkerboard would look like...if it were a font.
Info: Created on 26th September 2008 . Last edited on 19th June 2009.
License Creative Commons
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Wow! This really sings. What isometry! Pure geometry!
Comment by intaglio 26th September 2008
Nice ! Its surprisingly good to see how you use it the grid
Comment by Axel Leyer 1st October 2008
Comment by webj 10th October 2008
Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!
I especially like this one super-sized at 100+ points.

Forgot to put up this lil' sample.
Comment by geneus1 11th October 2008
Excellent! and, inspirational. I'm firing up Corel Draw...
Comment by typophilus50 24th December 2009
Hi, I'm new here. Love this font but when I go to download it, it only gives me the letter f. I use a Mac OS X. Is there another way to download it?
Comment by greatkidsbirthdayparties 21st May 2013
The font file could be too large of a size. I'm not sure though.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 21st May 2013
The font doesn't seem to have lowercase letters, have you tried writing in uppercase?
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 21st May 2013

Very nice and clean at big size, this time. May I suggest to add some gradient (for a better depth effect)?… B.t.w. it's the only optical illusion I can find: no Escher derivated work, I'm afraid… (with just a single layer, I think.)

Comment by dpla 25th May 2017

It is awesome! Can you create cyrillic letters and more symbols?

Comment by ChemUKR 21st July 2017


Comment by Deedadon 4th April 2019

So many votes below 9, why? Boeotians. If you can't politely explain your low vote and learn understanding, are incapable of analysis, objectivity, clarity and precision, logical thinking, individual creative vision, or you're plain lazy and unable to bring positivity to FS: just.don'

Comment by Scriptoresque 5th April 2019

Totally true, sadly this is a happening all too often!

Comment by Sed4tives 5th April 2019

@Scriff An 8 vote shows that the font is pretty good…

g375324, low votes in quantity, missing explanations="I've no creative spark,technical skill,design ability,open mind,can't understand beauty". Envy attack of FS professionals,IT specialists,teachers etc, to stop them publishing,inspiring and gentling others. Now 7-9 means "quite bad", too often. 

Comment by Scriptoresque 5th April 2019

@Scriptoresque  Thanks for acknowledging my work, but I’m going to have to disagree with you there. I’m all for allowing people to freely vote as they will, without explanation. It doesn’t affect me to see low ratings, as it is all just feedback for me. It doesn’t prevent me from publishing - that is a result of my own laziness and selfishness. ;-) As an online community, Fontstruct is quite possibly the most non-toxic. Constructive comments are welcomed, but all it takes is a look at random YouTube comments to see how bad it could be to witness someone’s unfavorable opinion. I try to not be in the habit of judging others based on what they think of my work, whether it is good or bad. Being in a judgmental mode takes me out of my flow state which I have deemed to be detrimental to my creativity. I encourage you all to do your best in sharing your work, saying what you feel, and rating what you will based on your own honesty and integrity. Make Fonts Happen.

Comment by geneus1 6th April 2019

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